DragonMint Miner ASIC

NOOBS and ASIC’s | Halong Dragonmint Miner

The ASICS realm has intermittently been laced with scam products for years now, and most of us know to stay away and what to look for. Take this as a possibly a guide or even fair warning on what to look for when looking into buying an ASIC miner.

I have purchased ASIC miners from BITMAIN and can say they are a good reputable company. We will be using the new Dragon Mint miners as an example of what pisses me off about these companies and why I will stay away from them. 

After leaving messages with the Halong mining site for two months with no reply, we feel the need to bring this risk to your attention. Below I will point out things that all companies should have when asking for ridiculous amounts of BTC money with no guarantee you will receive them.


After examining the Halong Dragon Mint ASIC for mining cryptocurrency, I made a list of the issues below for you to take note. Take a look at the website halongmining.com and look at all the red flags.

  • No direct support system
  • No contact information
  • No location (Where are they)
  • No date of when product will be ready or shipped
  • No escrow service. WTF Note on Website says- (Please understand that we do not offer/accept escrow/letters of credit/lines of credit. We only take orders with payment in full.)
  • No Product Pictures.. just an old bitmap miner with vinyl stickering on it. 
  • No downloads, manuals for the product
  • Nothing concrete was outlining connections and GUI setting to prove a dragon mint miner is doing what they claim. I do not trust the video, how do I know if they are showing the result of 3 Bitmain miners with a bit of an overclock or their actual product. I want to see them log into the internal GUI of the miner, nothing but trickery IMO.
  • Comments disabled on their youtube videos?  (Just shut your face and give us your money)


At the end of the day would you send $10000 worth of BTC to these guys?  Who the fuck are they?

The website was first cached online on Nov 22, 2017, if they had a working product why put up a brand new WordPress website as soon as you are ready to sell it? I thought they been researching and developing for over 12 months; they did not think of putting up a website in all that time? 

If you fall for this, then I have a bridge to sell you… 

For all of you that have already participated in purchasing this then I hope this does come out for you and this company does the right thing.  

I believe Bitmain will most likely have an S10 by the time you even hear about these Dragon ASIC’s shipper. 

Good Luck guys and if there is more then feel free to comment below