Novus announces the launch of an innovative system known as “AFIX”

Huntington, NYC (Crypto Press Release) June 20th, 2017 – Novus (“Novusoft LLC”) registered in Delaware is a software development firm based in New York specializing in corporate blockchain technology is highly excited to announce the launch of a project known as the Advanced File Index or AFIX built on top of its Novusphere blockchain. Novusphere is being developed with the intent of Novus expanding its network into a number of additional sectors, including machine learning based trading, inventory control technology and much more.

AFIX utilizes the Novusphere blockchain to act as a layer to IPFS; allowing a refined index to be created for metadata stored on the index. Metadata is an arbitrary set of data and in the case of files will likely contain things such as title, description and information about how the file should be presented to the user. An example of this is AFIX can be used to index files stored on IPFS making them more accessible and easier to find. The Advanced File Index has great flexibility allowing users to store essentially whatever they want, which can then be presented to other users through a Specific File Search Index for that particular type of metadata.

“AFIX briefly put is a decentralized queryable database which has near limitless potential. It has the ability to create a thriving file sharing network on top of the robust hypermedia protocol by making content more accessible to everyone and easier to share than ever while maintaining censorship resistance. This enables users the freedom to create their own specialized metadata structures and distribute whatever information they so see fit knowing that it can’t be tampered with or censored by other parties pushing their own agendas” stated by Asphyxia, the leader developer of AFIX.

Metadata on the Advanced File Index is typically referred to as a “Smart Object”. This is because while the majority of the metadata arbitrary, it will also typically describe how it expects to be presented to the user. An example of this is some smart objects may wish to be presented as an image or a video or even both where the image is splash art for the video’s player. How the information is presented is dictated by the object type. While most object types will likely reference rendering the information on a web page through the web browser, it is not lNovus announces the launch of an innovative system known as “AFIX”imited to this. Certain object types could employ the requirement to have a specialized program or plugin to properly view their rendered information.

A major advantage of AFIX is its underlying principle is applicable to almost any industry along with IPFS which allows users to store an arbitrary file on the network that can be accessed by any other IPFS node. The implication of combining such technologies is staggering due to the current limitations of bandwidth and data processing thereby making the Novusphere technology as a whole a fundamental step forward in creating a self-sustaining censorship resistant infrastructure.

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