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Introducing Sally Eaves and the Nuggets platform of today

Since she became a force to be reckoned with in the technology sector, Sally Eaves has played an active role in the success of a lot of organizations. Although one of the most influential people in Blockchain, Eaves is not resting on her oars, Sally Eaves appears to have taken it upon herself to ensure that the tech world around her is in order. One way she has been able to pull this off is by joining lots of tech organizations as an advisor. One of the tech organizations that Sally has joined in recent times is Nuggets. To get to understand Sally Eaves’s exact role at Nuggets, it is important to get to know why she joined the Nuggets platform.

Sally Eaves

Sally Eaves is perhaps the most technologically inclined woman of this generation. She is a member of quite a number of organizations in the tech sector. One of these organizations is the Business Consultancy Mind Fit, where she is the Chief Technology Officer. Sally is also the Chief Innovation Officer of Intrapreneur International, the CEO of Sally Eaves Consultancy, an international author, a mentor on disruptive technologies, a keynote speaker, and the Director of Global Education for the British Young Asian Entrepreneurs Association.

Why Sally Eaves Joined the Nuggets Platform

There are quite a number of factors behind Sally Eaves’ decision to be a part of Nuggets platform. However, one of the factors which stand out is, Sally believes that customers should be the ones in charge of their data. As a result of a series of data security loopholes, Sally believes that the security of customers’ data has never been as needed as it is today. This belief has prompted her to join the Nuggets platform as an advisor.

About the Nuggets Platform

After the payment details of the CEO of Nuggets, Alastair Johnson was made use of for fraudulent activities, he got the inspiration to set up a secure payment platform. Nuggets are the product of this experience and have proven to be a very good way to channel frustration. Nuggets are an ID as well as an e-commerce payment platform. It is a firm that makes use of Blockchain technology to securely hoard both payment and personal data. This firm operates with a technology in which your data is secured and can be accessed only by you.

Quite unlike most other payment platforms that make use of usernames and passwords, Nuggets platform makes use of biometric information. This, therefore, makes it a very safe platform in which customer information can only be accessed by customers themselves.

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