NXT 2.0 | Ardor Token Launched and Trading, Jelurida Announced

The long-awaited Ardor token (ARDR) was finally issued yesterday after the 3 month (from July 12th to October 13th) distribution process that took place via a screenshot process. The NXT balance from all the accounts was snapshot hourly and averaged over time and tokens were then distributed based on NXT balances. Since then, Ardor tokens have already begun trading on the Bittrex and HitBTC exchanges, most likely with more markets aligned. Several exchanges have also participated in the distribution of the Ardor token, including Poloniex and Bittrex.

The Ardor Platform, also called NXT 2.0, is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform, allowing the creation of customizable childchains so that users can issue assets with all their desired preferences. Ardor is the evolution of the NXT platform, and was created to overcome shortcoming in the old system and bring better scalability and new features.

The tokens that were issued yesterday are called Ardor (ARDR) and have a total supply of 1,000,000,000 that was 100% distributed to the NXT holders. This token allows users to forge rewards from the transaction fees. ARDR tokens were issued as an asset on the NXT Blockchain and will later be migrated to the Ardor platform, once the full release of the platform takes place in Q3 of 2017.

Ardor is a childchain platform and the first childchain will be created by the development team. This childchain will house all of the new and old NXT features. In order to have access to the new NXT 2.0 features, users will need to use the childchain token, IGNIS.

These tokens will also be distributed according to the NXT balance each user is holding on the day the platform launches and the first block (Genesis Block) is mined. At that time, IGNIS tokens will be distributed on a 1-2 scale, since half of the supply will be kept by the Ardor team to fund the development of the platform.

On October 07, 2016, Damelon announced the incorporation of Jelurida BV, a new startup software development company consisting of NXT core developers Jean-Luc, Riker and Foundation member, Damelon. Latest Q&A with developers can be found here.