Oceanlab | A Community-Based Project for Waves-based apps

At present, investing in cryptocurrencies can be hit or miss. While the technology behind the coin serves as a good indication, without a strong community backing the project it may remain in the shadows. One of the things that is obvious once entering the Waves slack channel is the community that backs the coin; a community 100% dedicated to the project. In order to push home this point, meet Oceanlab.

Oceanlab is a community driven project that aims to build applications on top of the Waves blockchain. The two developers behind the project, Fabrice Distefano (aka Sphearis) and Olivier Saintelet (aka Dibatch) got involved during the Waves ICO, but got hooked when asked to build a faucet engine called Wavesdrop. The two again doubled down by building the website https://gravit.ws/ which is still in its prototype phase. The purpose of this website is to simplify complex blockchain data into an easy to read format as if one is reading a newspaper. External websites will be able to extract data from Gravit.ws which will be presented in an easy to read format.

Coming second in Waves ICOhub contest out of a total of 135 blockchain initiatives, it is clear Oceanlab has already won over the Waves community. What makes this investment so enticing is its ability to stimulate the economy in the Waves Platform at the same time. The applications Oceanlab plans to build are vital for Waves to reach its full potential, especially with a wide range of ICOs planning to raise funds on the Waves platform. It is essential to present blockchain data in a clear and precise way both for developers and for future investors.

According to the white paper, Oceanlab intends to build a wide range of services built on top of the Waves platform. All of these services will be built in due time, depending on how much funds are raised in the ICO. The ICO itself is the most unique and diverse to date. Oceanlab, showing their love for Waves, are accepting BTC, USD, EURO, Waves and ETH, as well as, 20 tokens built on top of the Waves platform. Clearly, a project built to support the Waves network and community, Sphearis had this to say about supporting multiple projects in the Oceanlab ICO,

“We believe in the success of most projects launched on the platform so far because they’re all bringing something different and new. We planned a very conservative budget for our first year of operation as well as a no cash-out policy. That’s also stepping towards the community as we probably won’t have to spend any of these tokens on our first year of operations. We want to set new standards for ICO creation and avoid the mess it created on the Ethereum platform. Having several assets at our disposal will allow us to split our spendings between multiple coins and lower the market moves it could generate.”

Talking further with Sphearis, it became clear Waves was a perfect fit for Oceanlab,

“I’ve spent nearly 2 years analysing a lot of new crypto platforms and trying to understand how it could be applied in the real world, none of them seemed to provide the features Waves did and none of them seemed as intuitive/easy to work with. After having spent a few years without developing myself, I just fell in love with the platform and got a lot of new ideas, Waves was providing me with what I needed to start and is constantly adding a lot of new amazing features to work with. Waves is not only a blockchain platform to me, Waves is an innovation vector that will prove itself with time.”

Browsing through the white paper gives the reader an in depth perspective of the wide ranging applications that are planned to be built. In the short term, Oceanlab aims to add DEX trades to their search engine, separate spam from legit assets from investors portfolios, create a chat box with tipping and upvoting/downvoting, ads on the Waves blockchain, a bulletin board for upcoming ICOs, node information including leasing calculator and leasing reports and advanced stats. This is just a fraction of the huge business model laid out in the Oceanlab whitepaper. What is clear, is that while ambitious, the Oceanlab team have the brains and willpower to complete the job.

If you wish to invest in Oceanlabs, go to http://ico.oceanlab.eu/. If you wish to talk to the Oceanlab team, you will find them in the Waves slack at https://wavesplatform.herokuapp.com/.