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Huntington, NYC (Crypto Press Release) Aug 24, 2017 – Oceanlab, the first European technical incubator for the blockchain, has launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), allowing users to be part of the project and to benefit from its success. Oceanlabs, located in Belgium, is a project aimed at building simple and easy applications on top of the Waves blockchain.

Blockchain data as it stands is raw and difficult to decipher. Bitcoin has a vast range of third party applications simplifying the blockchain for normal users. Waves, a platform specifically built for token issuance and crowdfunding, is growing at a rapid pace and there is an increasing demand for these applications.

The Oceanlabs team mainly consists of two jack-of-all-trades men who are motivated to support the Waves project as well as the Waves community as a whole. The project began spontaneously when the Waves founder and CEO, Sasha Ivanov, asked the community to build a faucet. The now known as Oceanslab team, Fabrice Distefano (aka Sphearis) and Olivier Saintelet (aka Dibatch), responded swiftly and created https://wavesdrop.com/. The Oceanslab team was born and kept evolving from that moment on.The two doubled down once more and created gravit.ws which is still in its prototype stage. With the community backing the project, they were able to secure 2nd place in Waves ICOhub contest out of a total of 135 entrees. This was a phenomenal achievement as the support came directly from the Waves community with no reliance on media.

“We have a lot of applications and features planned, probably years of work if I follow all my ideas. But the first one we want to focus on is our actual prototype Gravit. The engine is the foundation of our ecosystem, and the website will benefit from any new feature we bring to the platform (encryption, trading analysis, blockchain storage, automation…). This website will become the first blockchain powered social network with many automated features and content.” – Febrice Distefano

The applications that Oceanlabs plan to build will help ICO creators present blockchain data in a simplified way to their investors and to help build future partnerships with third parties that may need to access this data. Another much anticipated application is a Waves payment system where users can pay for commodity goods with Waves tokens.

The following applications are only a snippet of what is to come. According to the whitepaper, Oceanlabs plans to create a wide range of applications on Waves.  Being a community-driven project, Oceanlabs have also opted to support 25 Waves tokens in their ICO, along with accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, EURO and Waves.

If you want to participate in the Oceanlabs ICO, please go to http://ico.oceanlab.eu. Users will need to setup a Waves wallet and send funds to the address provided on the ICO website from their Waves wallet.

Contact: Fabrice Distefano
Email: contact@oceanlab.eu

Website: http://oceanlab.eu

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