ODEM Gets Michael Zargham Expert Data Engineer


ODEM Gets Michael Zargham Expert Data Engineer


Chiasso, Switzerland-01-17-2018 – ODEM.io creator of the On-Demand Education Marketplace hires Michael Zargham, PhD. as Chief Systems Engineer.  

Dr. Zargham, a specialist in data-driven decision systems with more than a decade of experience designing decentralized business processes, will spearhead system-level design for the ODEM blockchain-based economic model and its token. He plans to leverage the capabilities of his BlockScience research team to analyze and validate the ODEM economic system once the ODEM Token is launched.

“We’re very excited to welcome Michael to ODEM.IO’s core development team,” said Richard Maaghul, Chief Executive Officer. “Dr. Zargham is ideally suited to the role because of his extensive background in crafting architecture for artificial intelligence systems and token economics.”

“ODEM’s system-level design lays the groundwork for blockchain, machine learning and data processing software to dramatically improve the accessibility and efficiency of delivering higher education,”  Maaghul said.

ODEM.IO is creating a collaborative, interactive platform to empower students to engage with top academics around the world to create high-quality onsite educational experiences at a reasonable cost.

The platform utilizes the power of blockchain technology combined with artificial intelligence to streamline the organization and delivery of academic experiences that have traditionally been plagued by inefficiencies and tedious routines.

“The goal is to combine the power of blockchain to coordinate multiple parties’ commitments with the ability of AI to discover a set of commitments that maximizes mutual value to create a fair-and-efficient platform for anyone to access in-person education,” Dr. Zargham shared.

“ODEM.IO’s economic model and token system will be based on the Discount Token Framework, a collaborative research effort with Sweetbridge Foundation, Inc.,” Dr. Zargham explained.

Dr. Zargham founded BlockScience, an Oakland, California-based provider of economic system designs based on mathematical engineering techniques derived from decision science and game theory.

The ODEM Token will be an exchangeable digital token that will ease cross-border payments and encourage professors to align their course offerings with students’ changing needs.

ODEM.IO owes its inspiration to Cambridge, Massachusetts-based partner company Excelorators Inc., and its more than five years of experience in crafting high-quality, short-term educational experiences for international students and foreign executives at top U.S. universities and corporate campuses.

Excelorators, which has an office in San Francisco, has a network of more than 200 professors and education industry service providers to spearhead adoption of the On Demand Education Marketplace platform.

The platform, which aspires to become the Airbnb of international education, will launch its public crowdsale on Feb. 17, 2018. Stay tuned for details.

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