Oliver Bussmann

Oliver Bussmann Explains the Business Benefits of Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain technology is not just one of the sensations of the 21st century; it is undoubtedly a prolific invention. Since arriving on the scene, Blockchain technology has moved from playing second place to Bitcoin to becoming a phenomenon that everyone that is neck deep into technological innovations wants to be a part of either secretly or openly. Although Blockchain technology was originally meant to be used by only Bitcoin, it now has lots of other uses apart from its use in cryptocurrency. In as much as the general financial uses of Blockchain technology is quite known, only a handful of people are aware of the business benefits of Blockchain Technology. This therefore makes the business benefits of Blockchain technology a subject that is worth expanding upon. Let’s talk about Oliver Bussmann, one of the people that is aware of the business benefits of Blockchain technology

Oliver Bussmann

Oliver Bussmann is the Managing Partner as well as the founder of Bussmann Advisory, a technology thought leader, a driver of global transformation at international corporations, the president of  Swiss Crypto Valley Association, a board member of identity 2020, and a Global ambassador for Innovate Finance, a firm that is based in the UK. As the founder and one of the key members of Bussmann Advisory, Oliver has given advice to top-level consultants as well as financial services firms.

Apart from holding several key positions in a number of financial sectors, Oliver Bussmann also has some notable achievements. Some of them include: The Wall Street Journal, European CIO of the Year by INSEAD/CIONET.

Business Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Oliver Bussmann claims to have identified the many potentials of Blockchain technology when he discovered it in 2014. To get to further understand the potentials of Blockchain especially in the business sector, Bussmann decided to carry out some visibility studies alongside The CEO and Founder of Lukke, Richard Olsen. After a series of research projects, the advantages and business benefits of Blockchain technology became quite glaring. Although there might be arguments about how beneficial Blockchain technology is to the business world, Oliver’s results should be taken seriously because of his ability to discover the signs of technological revolutions.

Some of the business benefits of Blockchain technology include: auditability, efficiency, traceability, transparency, security, feedback, etc. In as much as there are many benefits of Blockchain technology in business, one of its major benefits is the rise of new and decentralized business patterns. This benefit cannot be regarded as a single benefit but a combination of most of the benefits of Blockchain to business.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, the business benefits of Blockchain technology can be likened to the internet. These benefits will not only take the world by storm, they will also last the test of time and dominate in a short period of time.

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