Olyseum | The First Social Network for Sports Lovers Based on Blockchain

The Olyseum Social Network

The 2018 World Cup in Russia has begun, and there is a way you can be informed about everything that happens in this great event without having to watch the news or reading a newspaper. Olyseum makes this a possibility.

Olyseum is a new social network for sports enthusiasts, with which users can have a profile where they can share news from their favorite sports discipline and follow other users to see their opinion on sports topics. The goal here is to keep users updated with everything related to sports. This platform would be compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The platform was announced for the first time in 2016 by acclaimed footballers Carles Puyol, Iván de la Peña and Andrés Iniesta, who are currently committed to promoting the new development in social networks.

As of June 14, the app will be tested among the millions of soccer fans who are currently watching the development of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Through a press release, it was explained that the trial period would be the duration of the World Cup. After a  successful trial, the new platform, named Olyseum, would be officially launched later in the year 2018.

Taking advantage of the blockchain technology, the platform would be enhanced to include an incentive program for fans. Incentive system would be executed through smart contracts. This way, the contributions of the users would be rewarded with VIP tickets and unique experiences with idols.

Communities in Olyseum

Olyseum wants to create for each sports icon, a community in which they can interact with fans in a safe and respectful way. The communities would also make it easier to exchange products and give fans some rewards. By creating these communities, two objectives are achieved, the first is an income for the idols of the community and the second is the rewards in the tokens that Olyseum gives to the followers.

The Iniesta community is the first that has been created. In this community, Andrés Iniesta, the famous Spanish player of Barcelona football club, would share his experiences on and off the field as well as exclusive content for the platform. Andres would answer questions from his followers and would even give lessons and advice on football.

The project would be executed in collaboration with the engineer Carlos Grenoir and with the participation of Kevin Mitnick, who is considered to be the most famous hacker in the world.

 “In Olyseum we want to break the line so thick that until now separated the small elite of media sports from their followers and fans. We aspire to be the online sports ‘coliseum’, a place where athletes and followers can be closer and get to know each other, thus enriching the world of sports”, said Grenoir

The project managers expect Olyseum to become the next largest community on the sports scene, with thousands of opportunities to expand news knowledge, unique encounters with celebrities in the field and the possibility of linking more and more fans to the field.

Here, you can register for the application: https://olyseum.com/welcome/init