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Ormeus Coin – Digital Money System Backed By $250 Million Mining Operation

Ormeus Coin – Backed by $250 Million Crypto Mining Operation

Ormeus Coin is a type of virtual currency payment network that is reportedly backed by a $250 million industrial mining business. When you visit the platform’s official website, you will see it stated that the quarter of a billion dollar mining operation has been “fully-audited.” Additionally, revenue from this crypto mining networking is cryptographically linked to the Ormeus Reserve Vault (ORV). 

The link between the ORV and mining operation, according to the website, is established via “proof of asset technology” and Ethereum’s ERC-20 based smart contracts. Also per the website, Ormeus Coin has verifiable digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash which are being generated through the company’s extensive mining equipment. In total, the monthly revenue from this intensive mining activity is a staggering $8 million.

Solid Investment Strategy 

Ormeus states that 40% of all the cryptocurrency generated from its giant mining operation will go toward purchasing mining equipment “with verified financial projections”. It is estimated, that by Q1 2019, monthly revenue will be around $511 million. This would equate to over $6 billion in annual revenue, solely from the company’s mining activity. 

In order to optimize the large-scale crypto mining process, the Ormeus Coin developers use a customized, proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine. This AI system is able to determine which digital currencies are the most lucrative to mine, and then proceeds to mine those specific cryptos. 

Many Notable Targets Achieved

The Ormeus organization had set a number of targets for the year 2017. These targets included launching the “ORME” ERC-20 complaint token and smart contracts, developing the Ormeus brand by hiring a competent core team, setting up a preliminary 30 PH/s mining infrastructure, launching the ORME ICO, and getting listed on a public exchange including CoinMarkerCap. 

As planned, all these targets have been successfully achieved. Other impressive future targets that need to completed are: Ormeus ATM and Debit Card, Altcoin Smart Contract, and the company’s own crypto wallet. Notably, the company also plans to hit 250 Petahash by end of 2018 and donate as much as 4% of its profits to charity by fourth quarter 2022.

Coin Distribution & Other Info

To confirm the information mentioned above and learn about this platform’s coin distribution, please visit their website

You can also peruse the Ormeus Coin Whitepaper.

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