Over 1,370 Digital Currencies Accepted By Leading Crypto Transaction Processor, CoinPayments

There are currently over 2,000 cryptocurrencies and the market capitalization of the digital assets market stands at nearly $250 billion. While most crypto transactions still involve speculative trading, decentralized cryptographic assets are increasingly being used as a form of payment.

A growing list of merchants throughout the world including BitPlaza,,, Microsoft, among many others are taking cryptocurrency payments. AT&T, the largest telecommunications firm in the world, has also started accepting crypto payments. As noted (on May 23, 2019) on the Dallas, Texas-based company’s official website, AT&T customers can pay their bills through BitPay, a leading cryptocurrency payments processor.

Plugins Available For Widely-Used Shopping Carts

Other popular services for accepting cryptocurrencies such as CoinPayments allow users to access an integrated payment gateway for major digital assets including bitcoin (BTC) and litecoin (LTC). Currently, the CoinPayments platform takes payments in more than 1,370 altcoins for only a 0.50% processing fee.

The developers at CoinPayments have also created customized plugins for most of the widely-used webcarts presently available. Users may register on CoinPayments’ official website and install a plugin, in order to set up crypto payments processing services. This can be done with accounts that have a new or pre-existing checkout.

GAP600 Instant Confirmations “Makes Bitcoin Payments Faster Than Ever Before”

Some of the plugins (for making crypto transfers) supported by CoinPayments include WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Opencart, oscommerce, among others. As mentioned on CoinPayments’ website, the main payment features supported by the company include GAP600 Instant Confirmations – which “makes bitcoin payments faster than an ever before.”

CoinPayments also facilitates air drops of newly launched crypto coins and tokens through its online portal. Additionally, the payments processing service provides a Vault where users can keep their cryptocurrency holdings. To use this feature, users must specify a certain time period before being able to spend their cryptocurrency held in their Vault.

CoinPayments Account Holders May Accept Payments In Person

CoinPayments account holders may conveniently access, manage, and monitor their account through the payment processor’s website. Users may also accept payments in person via an intuitive point-of-sale (PoS) interface, and easily convert their coins anywhere through CoinPayments’ mobile apps – which are available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Notably, merchants in the US and Europe now have the option of accepting fiat settlements directly to their bank accounts – which is facilitated by CoinPayments’ platform. There are also options for automatically converting some of the supported cryptocurrencies, directly via CoinPayments’ portal, which saves users the trouble of having to move their funds.

Multi-Currency Wallet For Secure Asset Storage And Management

Users looking to securely store and manage their cryptoassets online may do so by using CoinPayments’ multi-currency wallet. According to CoinPayments’ management, the Cayman Islands-registered firm is the world’s first and largest payments processor of over 1,370 cryptocurrencies. The company’s services are reportedly available across 182 different countries and 2,476,000 vendors.