Paragon and Get On IOTA Platform

IOTA keeps drawing more partnerships to the public permissionless distributed ledger platform. The latest to join the strings of partnerships are Paragon and

Paragon, the Decentralized Legalized Autonomous Organisation and, the Data Integrity for Supply Chain Operations powered by Blockchain are set to use the IOTA platform for their operations.

Speaking to the Core Media, Jessica Versteeg, CEO of Paragon related that what her outfit is exploring is utilizing the unique approach that the IOTA platform takes to oracles, identity, and other parts of its development roadmap. She noted:


“No transaction fees are very important when it comes to the product supply chain, we don’t want growers to worry about gas fees on top of our token, we want our solution to be virtually free of the areas where we can provide transparency and efficiency, this is the only way to make sure the community benefits from it.”


To her, the partnership with IOTA is an organic growth for Paragon.  It also has a great synergy in combining the knowledge of the cannabis industry with IOTA’s state of the art technology.


“With such partnership, I’m sure we’ll create a lot of value in the legal cannabis space,” Jessica indicated. “We know what’s really needed and IOTA is giving us the best possible platform to build on. I think it’s truly a winner.”


Beginning of Long-Term Collaboration


For Zeeshan Mallick of, the IOTA platform is a valuable infrastructure and to execute’s  vision they need a technology for their sensor devices that allows the transfer of value without charging huge fees.


He explained:


“The token sale is only the beginning of a long-term collaboration. We might be able to use the IOTA tokens to fuel our system. We expect to keep working together intensively. Next, up is setting up a PoC and publishing the results. We are working together closely with the IOTA developers to provide feedback. It is a great collaboration, which is very fruitful so far.”


More To Come


After reaching out to David Sonstebo, Co-founder of IOTA for his comments on the latest adoption, he maintained that it is the data integrity of IOTA that is irresistible to many companies and projects. David revealed there are tens of large corporates and projects lined up at the moment experimenting with IOTA.


“IOTA is only two months old in the ‘eye of the public’, so I expect that over the next months we will see an exodus of projects from old blockchain towards the next generation of the distributed ledger which the IOTA tangle represents,” he reported.

He further explained that IOTA is the first technology to disrupt the blockchain itself as well as gets rid of fees, scalability limitations and centralization issues. “These organizations see that the promises and principles which the blockchain sparked as ideas, can actually be realized only with IOTA, not with the outdated blockchain,” David concluded.