Paris Hilton’s Favorite ICO Shows The World How To NOT Get Banned. Take a Lesson.

Paris Hilton, the socialite famous for her blond sexy locks showed crypto communities worldwide what it looks like to NOT get banned when she showed her support for ICO project Lydian Coin which is essentially made for the world of targeted advertisement. Oh, the irony.

“Looking forward to participating in the new @LydianCoinLtd Token!  #ThisIsNotAnAd #CryptoCurrency #BitCoin #ETH #BlockChain” Tweeted the famous purring Paris Hilton.

The starlet pulled off some smooth moves with this tweet. Lydian Coin is going to be a success, and it isn’t because they are any better or any different than the less publicized, less camera-ready other guys. Lydian Coin will succeed because they already are a member of the mega-elite-money-that-runs-the-world-club. That isn’t the actual, official name of the club, however, it is definitely as ridiculous.  Ridiculously brilliant!

Let’s break down the savvy sister`s tweet so you understand why Paris is not going down like the Chinese ICO parties just did.  Every letter and every symbol chosen in this tweet was artfully placed, skillfully manicured. This is no conspiracy.

First, she says “Looking forward to participating in the new @LydianCoinLtd Token!”

What could be manipulative about the simple statement?

‘Looking forward’ implies excitement of what is yet to come.

Then the words ‘participating in the new…’  does several things to the average person psychologically.  First, the words say that this woman has not fallen for a scam, and she is not a victim of any type because, as she declared, she is a participant which implies control.

Then the same words send the sensation that something good is coming from her choice, a surge of newness. After all, the fabulous Miss Hilton is looking forward to it, so it must be positive.

This is the where the phrase goes into overdrive and acts as a momentum builder.  By using the word ‘participate’ instead of ‘purchase’ or ‘invest’  she has effectively disarmed the Securities Exchange Commission or the SEC.

The SEC uses something known as the Howey Test to determine if a token or coin should be classified as a security, within the boundaries of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

The rules, in a nutshell, say that if there is an investment of money, if it is in a common enterprise or if there is an expectation of profits derived from the work of others, it may be a security.

If a token is deemed a security by the SEC the token or asset must be sold only when properly registered, and only to the investors deemed able to invest this way.

Paris Hilton’s tweet isn’t enough to guarantee the SEC will not swarm, however upon researching the Lydian Coin LTD website there is plenty of evidence that Lydian is prepping the masses for the inevitable onslaught of heated questions. Lydian Coins Overview Emphasizes The Abusive Nature Of Schemes That Promise Riches- the very problem that created the need for the SEC in the 1930s.

“Plagued by inefficiencies caused by ad fraud, rent-charging intermediaries that provide dubious value, defensive user/customer behaviors created by abusive legacy marketing practices, malware, and insufficient reporting of campaign efficacy, the user experience is increasingly frustrating for customers and yields insufficient and uncertain results for advertisers.” 

Lydian then promises only a stable value, not a hint of profits anywhere.

“LydianCoin Pte Ltd. will provide the crypto-community with state of the art digital marketing services already used by Fortune 1000 companies and luxury brands worldwide through its value-stabilized cryptocurrency.”

Paris Hilton was indeed sculpting the thoughts of her millions of fans with her dainty twitter feed.  Brilliant execution of the plan, girls!

As Paris would say- “That’s Hot.”


Dear Paris Hilton,

It would be my honor to get your thoughts on the cryptocurrency trends, in a quick chat, online or live in Las Vegas.  As one of the early female pioneers of crypto, you would inspire and stun women across the globe if you would reply to this invitation. 

Thanks for reading!