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Luxury Hotels Will Eagerly take Payments in Cryptocurrency

Hotel Payments in Cryptocurrency

Despite the regulators trying to stop the progress of cryptocurrencies, they have been adopted widely across industries. The hotel industry is no different, where customers increasingly want to make payments in cryptocurrency.

For travelers wanting to stay at different hotels around the world, they can mostly pay in Bitcoin. So, if you want to find hotels where payments in cryptocurrency are accepted, follow some of our top picks.

Cheapair is one of the early adopters of Bitcoin that started accepting it back in 2013. The company claims that it is the first one to have started accepting payments in cryptocurrency. Customers can book hotel accommodations with Cheapair from any place in the world, including major airports and airline service counters. The company has installed a crypto-friendly shopping cart to ensure the money given by customers is easily accepted in Bitcoin.


Expedia’s journey took off back in 1996. It also started giving support for crypto payments in June 2014. Expedia has partnered with Coinbase for facilitating purchases in Bitcoin. Customers can browse through a wide range of travel options offered by Expedia for booking. The customers can go to the company’s online platform, and upon checkout, choose the Bitcoin option.

Yet another way to make payments in cryptocurrency for your accommodation while traveling is via You can easily buy gifts which can be redeemed on the site supports hotel bookings for over 150,000 hotels around the world.

One of the leading competitors of Airbnb is in Europe. You can pay for short term accommodations on with Bitcoin.

WebJet Exclusives

In case you want to take a voyage aboard a cruise ship in Australia, you can get the services of WebJet. WebJet Exclusives is an Australia based company accepting payments in Bitcoin since 2015. The company has partnered with BitPOS for accepting cryptocurrency payments. The company may also start accepting Bitcoin for its other products in the future. Australian travelers would be happy to know that Brisbane Airport will soon become crypto-friendly.


Destinia is one of the leading Spanish travel portals online through which travelers can book flights and hotels. The website covers a lot of destinations that you can think of.

BTC Trip

The establishment of BTC Trip goes back to 2013, a New York based company, strongly believing in cryptocurrencies minted for travelers. You can make payments in Bitcoin for hotels and flights. You can see a lot of destinations covered on their website. The company also reportedly accepts payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dashcoin.

Bitcoin.Travel is another option that you can check out from this list of hotels accepting cryptocurrency payments. You cannot only book your accommodation via their website, but also get suggestions for hotels, attractions, and flights. The website has been operational for several years now and aims to create an easy user journey online.

Pay in Bitcoin for Hotel during FIFA World Cup 2018

There are some reports suggesting that hotels in Kaliningrad will accept payments in cryptocurrency from customers. The owner of the hotel apartments, Malina, stated that his site already supports payments in crypto. The FIFA World Cup 2018 will be held in 11 different Russian cities. The teams from various nations including Switzerland, Morocco, Croatia, Belgium, Nigeria, Spain, and Serbia will participate in the contest. The average booking price for a room is expected to skyrocket to $300.

Make sure to go through the terms and conditions of the site that you choose to book your hotel with. It is essential to understand those terms before you make any payments. Happy traveling!

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