Perianne Boring | Beyond the Beauty of The Blockchain

Perianne Boring

Regulators around the globe view cryptocurrency in different lights. While some countries are taking a rigid stance against these virtual currencies, others are adopting it. However, someone needs to take the bull by the horn and keep lawmakers informed about cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology, the blockchain. Perianne Boring–the beauty of the blockchain is one person who has taken up the task of taming the beast (policy makers).

Perianne Boring is called the Beauty of the Blockchain not because of her looks alone. She runs a blog on Forbes called “the beauty of the blockchain”. The blog gives her the opportunity to share her opinion as well as the opinions of investors, economists, technologists and others on the blockchain.  She is an economist, a journalist and a blockchain commentator and she brings a ting of diversity to the blockchain world.

Boring Economics

When blockchain needed a voice to propagate its gospel, Perianne Boring was there. She has an MA in Economics & MBA from the University of Florida and this gives her an edge as she was a contributor on Forbes and was also the author of a column titled the  “Boring Economics.” She has a wealth of experience as she was also an anchor for a television show called   “Prime Interest,” an international finance program that aired in over 100 countries to over 650 million viewers. She is also a blockchain professor at Goergetown.

Bridging the Gap Between Policy Makers & the Industry

Perianne came up with the formidable idea of advocating the multiple uses cases of blockchain technology as well as educating policymakers on the technology. This led to the creation of the Digital Chamber of Commerce in 2014 with the sole mission of creating an environment where blockchain based innovation and investment can thrive.

There was a great need for communication between policymakers, the industry and regulators and her career as a legislative analyst in the US House of Representatives had prepared her for educating policymakers on the effect exclusion has on the industry during policy discussions. This is why she called for a formal representation of the blockchain industry in D.C. by creating the Digital Chamber of Commerce.

Transformational Power of Blockchain

Perianne believes in the transformational power of the blockchain, …” this technology will lift a lot of people out of poverty and can help them engage in global commerce.” She is one the most notable personalities to follow on Twitter on blockchain matters. She also advocates for the fair treatment of blockchain technology and its investors by tax regulators.  

She spends her time trying to help close the gap within the government by educating and ensuring that those who are creating policies do so with industry input and a knowledge and appreciation of the potential promise of blockchain technology.

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