Most Anonymous Coin Ever Created in the Crypto … Did you miss it ?

If you’re trying to find the most protection and privacy coin now, then search no more. PIRATE COIN just beat them all.

Pirate Coin sails on the komodo ship and is a Shielded-transactions blockchain, meaning just personal trades could be processed. PIRATE is mined to a pocket then moved to a protected address. Additionally, it comes with an asset chain of Komodo that provides this coin a little recognition in a large way. Komodo blockchain concentrates on privacy and security. The Pirates job is ensuring total anonymity by blending the most essential items about Zcash along with Monero while also adding postponed evidence of work too.

Delayed evidence of jobs (DPOW)  is the only guaranteed means of shielding against 51% strikes and Pirate was intelligent enough to be certain its portion of the machine.
To understand the real anonymity and security of Pirate we will need to understand a bit more about Zcash and Monero.

Zcash employs zk-snark – or evidence of structure. This permits the system to keep a safe ledger of accounts without revealing amounts or parties involved in trades. This occurs with zero knowledge – or essentially where the individual making the trade could devote the ZEC and the values equilibrium and they have not been spent.  In Bitcoin, every complete node retains a balance of what’s held by every speech in the UXTO or unspent trades output with every transaction being confirmed to unlock this output.

Monero is an anonymous coin, meaning it may make trades anonymously, in comparison with the public ledger and background found in Bitcoin. Monero utilizes ring tags, ring confidential trades, and also stealth addresses to conceal the roots, numbers, and destinations of trades. Monero also supplies all of the advantages of a decentralized cryptocurrency with no of those normal privacy concessions.

Delayed Proof of Work, dPoW enables one blockchain to make the most of the safety and hashing energy of another blockchain making a little series enormously powerful against any strikes it could incur.
Now that we’ve heard a bit about all of the things Pirate has executed in its own job, we are now able to see the reason it’s the very best and most anonymous and secure coin anybody might have expected.


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