Podcasts that could help Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur who is serious about winning in the market of cryptocurrencies, you should be seeking ways to continually improve and better yourself, your cryptocurrencies skills, and knowledge. One of the ways in which you can do that involves listening to educational materials on cryptocurrencies . Podcasts are now high on every end. If you don’t have the patience to read, you should be able to listen. And if you listen well, you’ll definitely learn well. This article goes over the top podcasts to which you can listen to and could help you be serious and thrive as a cryptocurrency entrepreneur.

Bitcoins and Markets

Bitcoins and Markets is a podcast which is run by Ansel Lindner. Majority of the Bitcoins and Market listeners are Bitcoin users who are experienced.

The Bitcoins and Markets podcast is a perfect place in which any experienced user who has been using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum for one year or more could catch up and stay updated. On the Bitcoins and Markets, experienced users stay up to date with the connections between cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and the free market.

Let’s Talk Bitcoin          

The Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast is a complete platform led by Adam B. Levine. For everything that has to do with cryptocurrencies, this is your go-to podcast. There are a variety of issues and cryptocurrency topics you’ll learn from. This platform talks about these issues, topics, and questions, explains them bit by bit, gives realistic information, and some food for thought. If there are any problems, the discussion always gears towards finding a solution. Every moment on Let’s Talk Bitcoin is entertaining and highly educational.


This podcast is anchored by marketing technologist Travis Wright and Internet entrepreneur Joel Comm. Both Travis Wright and Joel Comm are considered experts on cryptocurrencies. So they leverage their knowledge and share information to make understanding more comfortable, and more fun. They break down everything, as they explore the world of cryptocurrencies, and make understanding interesting. Primarily, both Joel Comm and Travis Wright work together to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge of cryptocurrencies.


The Epicenter podcast is broadcasted by Sébastien Couture and Ian Fabian Crain.

Its program features a weekly interview with top Bitcoin analysts. These analysts help cryptocurrency entrepreneurs understand the depth of raising to the leading stage as a cryptocurrency entrepreneur. It also gives tips and guides entrepreneurs on what to do so as to be successful in cryptocurrency.

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