Primalbase | Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

Renting an office can oftentimes be expensive and bothersome. Running a project from home can be even worse as teams have more trouble coordinating and making important connections. Co-working comes as an ideal solution for some. It allows teams to work together, gives freelancers a work space environment and allows entrepreneurs to connect with each other and to collaborate.

Enter Primalbase, a co-working initiative created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

What’s new about Primalbase is its crypto token-based membership scheme in which tokens are used as a one-time payment for a workspace. This token represents ownership of the workspace and allows the clients to use, rent or sell the workspace as they wish, making it the first cryptocurrency asset backed by a form real estate. Primalbase members (token holders) have full access to all shared workspaces around the world with premium all-inclusive services.

Primalbase’s handpicked offices are located on the top tech capitals in the world, allowing clients to network with others in what could be considered the most attractive destinations for tech entrepreneurs to work in. Primalbase has created an ecosystem, which initiates interaction and encourages collaboration. Furthermore, there will be Location Managers on site to offer administrative assistance and professional advice to members.

Primalbase is already available and it’s located in the self-proclaimed “West Coast startup capital of Europe” Amsterdam. It actually looks great, take a look:

According to the company, these hubs are “designed with both aesthetic value and functionality in mind, it is a comfortable, stylish and productive environment”. They come complete with workspaces, private offices, meeting rooms, kitchen and relaxation zones.

Primalbase tokens will be available during an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Although the date is yet to be announced, the Primalbase asset will be launched on the Waves blockchain platform. The biggest value proposition found in the campaign is the fact that these tokens will initially represent one office space and, as new hubs open, they will represent offices in various locations. The team plans to have five hubs up and running by the end of this year alone. But that’s not all. The team also plans to create larger scale hubs at the most popular locations. These will include bars, restaurants, event spaces and other related facilities. A part of the profit made from these ventures will also be distributed amongst token holders.

To learn more about Primalbase and the individual hubs visit the official website.