Advertise with Pirate Radio


$25.00 Cashback

Pirate Radio is pioneering a new format for crypto by bringing Blockchain to the mainstream through music. Run an advertisement for your project on, our 24/7 Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Funk and Street Music Radio Station.

  • BLAST:
    • A shout out of your project name and tagline
    • Run twice (2 times) every hour,
    • Everyday (7 days p/w) for one calendar month
    • A maximum of Fifteen (15) seconds played at the top of the hour
    • Run Twelve (12) times everyday. (Default is every two hours)
    • Everyday (7 days p/w) for one calendar month
    • Multiple variations accepted
    • DJ a One (1) hour segment on Pirate Radio
    • Recorded and boosted to Pirate Radio social media channels
    • Talk between tracks and plug (advertise) yourself or your project
    • Host a One (1) hour show totally devoted to your subject matter
    • Accept callers and invite other guest speakers on your show
    • Recorded, boosted and uploaded to Pirate Radio social media channels
    • Master copy provided to the client
    • 0 $



  • Blasts and Jingles are to be provided by the client for upload to the station
    • We can create your jingles and/or advertisement for a fee (contact us to discuss further)
    • We can outsource the work to find reputable musicians and voice-over artists for a fee (contact us to discuss further)
    • Client will sign off on all work before use and will retain full rights to the masters
  • Dry runs MUST be performed before going live for GUEST DJ and GUEST HOST Packages
    • We will walk you through the process and ensure you are prepared to engage our audience
    • You may use your own broadcasting software if you have it. Login details to the station will be provided
    • We have broadcasting software available for you at no extra charge if you should require it
    • You may provide an intro and outro for your show.


  • There will be no engaging in offensive or combative conversations (Morally or Ethically unsound communications)
  • A moderate amount of expletives and curse words are permitted during your show
  • Remain courteous to your guests and your audience at all times
  • Getting drunk and/or high on your show is permitted until the point of being incoherent or obnoxious.
  • The Programming Executive of Pirate Radio station will retain absolute authority and make the required disciplinary calls without notice.
  • An allotted time slot can be re-assigned with 48 hours notice beforehand without penalty
  • If you are late to the show, the Pirate Radio playlist will continue until you arrive and you can still proceed with the remainder of your time slot.
  • There are no refunds except in the case of Pirate Radio station issues


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