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  1. Headline. Grab your readers’ attention and make them want to read more. Statistics and numbers make for great headline content and bonus points if it’s enabled for social sharing: 80-100 characters is ideal. Build out detail in your subhead.
  2. Lead paragraph. The “hook” for your story, the lead paragraph should be concise and to the point—and answer the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why
  3. Quotes. Establish thought leadership with interesting sound bites from key company spokespersons. Make sure your quotes have a conversational tone—they should sound like something a human being would say—and avoid overused words like “excited” and “delighted.”
  4. Give your readers a next step! Do you want them to visit your company blog or download an eBook? Publishing an infographic that you’d like journalists to pick up? Include the relevant link in the body of your release, ideally following the first or second paragraph.
  5. Be selective with your linking practices. Your release should have one main action you are driving readers to take–not seven options to split their attention and negatively impact you in search indexing. Over-linking can also add time to your release processing, as each link has to be checked.
  6. Don’t use the phrase “for immediate release” at the top of your press release. Everyone assumes that it is to be released immediately. Use the space for something important that people don’t already know.
  7. Do not re-use old press releases or old information that is already online. Search engines heavily penalize duplicate content. If you are not sure if your press release is similar to other content that is already online, use Copy Scape to check.
  8. Never include a “call-to-action.” Do not include sentences like “buy from us today”, “check out our web site now”, “learn how to become a xyz expert today” or anything other than information about your announcement or news.
  9. You do not need to tell everything and every detail in your press release. Provide sufficient information to generate interest and leave the reader wanting more. Get their attention, and they will click the link to your web site for full details.
  10. Never make your press release sound like an advertisement. It is not professional, and journalists hate it. Some call this “press release spam,” and send it to the trash with the junk mail. The purpose of a press release is to announce your news. If you sound professional and like an expert in your industry, people will go to your web site and buy from you.