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Price is for press release services (price for 400 words)  for the country of Poland.

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Press releases by country : Poland

About our service :

Our network reaches more than 4,500 U.S. websites, including popular sites such as Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch and Business Journals
– global network reaches nearly 10,000 websites, portals and databases
– 170 countries in more than 40 languages
network reaches nearly 3,000 newsrooms, like The New York Times, ABC News, BuzzFeed and more
– content to more than 550 news content systems like Moody’s, SmartBriefs, LexisNexis and McGraw-Hill
– Seen in media portal for Journalists which has more than 37,000 active monthly users content to mobile news aggregators and e-readers through more than 180 mobile partnerships, making news easily accessible via mobile       devices
– distributes to more than 2,600 sites that can render images, and more than 2,100 for videos
– social media distribution network engages client content across its nearly 200 industry-specific handles globally