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Qarnot Unveils QC1 – A Crypto Heater

Cryptocurrency Mining has become very much geographically centralized and Qarnot’s QC1 – a crypto heater – has a solution for it. 

Computational power put to use :

Corporate companies dislike the heat generated by the servers in data centers since it demands an exorbitant amount of energy to cool them. However, very few think out of the box to use that heat produced to their benefit. Notably, Qarnot is a French company that has thought of an innovative way to handle the heat generated by its distributed data center. The idea is to use the heat to warm up your living rooms, while renting the computational power to other corporate companies, using a distributed cloud platform.

Qarnot has come up with a fantastic idea of distributing the heat produced by the CPU across homes that will help keep them warm during winter, while those CPU’s computational power is put to use for companies that need them for their complex operations. This can be visualized as a cloud computing platform where the cloud’s server sits at everyone’s home, warming them up instead of a geographically centralized data center, which uses a large sum of money and energy to cool them.

Brief Summary of Qarnot  :

Qarnot is a French startup company specializing in room-heating equipment, as well as renting a cloud platform to clients like BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Air Liquide. They were also recently awarded “Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators award” at CES 2018. They continuously innovate and work towards giving back the computational power back to the people instead of accumulating at one single place.

CPU to GPU :

Qarnot has gone one step further and come out with another product called QC1 –  “Crypto heater”, which gives the computational power as well as the heat generated back to the end user. In the previous products Qarnot released, only the heat can be used by the user and the computational power was outsourced to corporate companies. They made a minor change by replacing the CPU with a suitable GPU for enabling the end user to mine their favorite cryptocurrency. Notably, QC1 can warm up your room during the coldest of winters while the excess computational power is put to use for mining cryptocurrencies.

QC1 can mine Ethereum for you while heating the room, and the setup is straightforward, which involves just connecting your mobile to the device and providing the Ethereum address in their app. You passively earn cryptocurrencies by just turning on your QC1 Crypto heater in the comfort of your home.

Technical Specifications of QC1 :

QC1 has two GPUs that mine at 60 MH/s. The equipment can mine other cryptocurrencies as well, if you set it up accordingly. Furthermore, the microprocessors act as the heat source to warm the room while the computational power is put to use to mine coins. However, one should be wary of the electricity charges that would occur due to this multi-purpose heater. Since we still need to heat our rooms during winter, we might as well take advantage of the additional bonus of mining cryptocurrencies at the same time.

QC1 paving the way for Decentralized Mining :

While blockchain experts still worry about the geographically centralized mining activity endangering the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies,  Qarnot’s QC1 has opened the Pandora box for us. It has made us realize that our day to day equipment, if put to use properly, can produce enough computational power to mine in the comfort of our homes, and this could bring back mining to everyone’s homes, giving more power back to the people.


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