Qortal | The Portal to Freedom

The Qortal project is the successor to the project called QORA, which was launched in 2014.

From then on, a team of developers took over and improved it to build an all-in-one platform (QORT). Qortal is, therefore much more than a project; it is an entire Blockchain-based ecosystem that will offer a set of decentralized services. We can mention, for example, decentralized social networks, hosting and the trade portal. It is, therefore, an ecosystem much more advanced than other similar projects.

Qortal Presentation

As previously discussed, the team that took over QORA has been working on both the QORT network and ideas regarding the QORT device for many years (and also with many headaches). And after all this hard work, the QORT project and its devices will finally be launched in less than a month.

Okay, that’ s great, but how does that help me in my daily life?

  • Never pay for your internet connection again

Seriously? Yes, let me explain in a simple way, the QORT device is 100% open-source, both in terms of hardware and software. It can be used to mine, yes, it is a small pocket miner who will bring rewards to its owner (yes it’ s you!). 

The specification of the device: Quad Core ARM Cortex-A 53 with NEON, FPU, and Java Acceleration. Besides, this all-in-one device will be automatically configured: preconfigured blockchain node, network configuration, and security measures. 

So even if you are not a tech whizz, don’t worry, their goal is mass-adoption! But wait, there’s more…

  • An all-in-one system to stay anonymous and to be in control of your life.

In a world where web privacy is important, especially after all the recent scandals, we believe that this is a good point to highlight. People like you and I both want to take control of their data and want a free (and secure) Internet, don’t we? After all, we are all crypto-fan and the Bitcoin White Paper is a bit like our Holy Bible. That’s the reason why we have included a Personal Tor Router with Socks5 Proxy that allows you to tunnel your blockchain and browsing traffic through it for your home /office LAN or CoinD directly from the router itself, which is the best anonymous practice today.

A new internet, what services are available?

We are in favor of full decentralization, which is why we created QORT in this way; no entity owns or controls QORT. QORT is a decentralized system with automated decentralized governance, contribution-based rewards, and voting weight, and provide full transparency, security.

Most of the time, similar systems do not have many functionalities; this is not the case with QORT, here are some services you can use:

  • The Trade Portal

It’s the main service of the QORT Blockchain; it’s a “TOTALLY DECENTRALIZED TRADING PLATFORM,” which will allow us to make completely cross-chain token and coins trades. During the first phase, only BTC will be used. There will be only one market for BTC/QORT only. So, the system will allow cross-chain trades between BTC and QORT tokens without losing control over your coins. You won’t have to deposit your coins in order to make trades; it’s awesome, isn’t it? You won’t have to worry about exchange security (Mt.Gox, Coinsmarket etc..)

  • Increased security

QroTec yourself at all times! QroTecTor gives you more security than any other router, securing you from all kinds of threats and also protecting your cryptos! It will secure your devices by becoming your route.

  • Encrypted communications on social media (Mumble/Tor)

The device gives you a default Tor Gateway, which allows you to directly access the digital network either with the device’s wifi network or your existing network. This allows you to browse the Internet and communicate on your social networks in a secure and encrypted way, as is the case with Mumble.

Mumble will provide you with a fully encrypted voice and text communication system. And even better, you can install the application on your phone to encrypt your communications.

And the best part of it? You no longer need to pay a VPN.

  • Built-in Web Server

A built-in web server will allow you to host your own blogs, sites, services without having to buy a new computer or server.

  • An alternative to Dropbox (cloud server)

Are you tired of GAFAs asking you for a DNA sample so you can store your data on their servers? Besides, the data present can still be public.

Guess what? We have our own alternative “OwnCloud” a private version of the big cloud service, you can use it to sync your files automatically from multiple devices, upload pictures from your phone automatically, to track your kids (he better be at school), a video and music addon and a huge choice of plugins.

  • Other features I can expect in the future

 A full Desktop OS to replace your Desktop, QrotecTor mobility which is a mobile version with a battery attachment and expanded Wi-fi Range, everything will be decentralized and anonymous, but also Entreprise Networking which is a future version with improved features for Enterprise needs.

How can I buy QroTecTor, and how much does it cost? 

We made an effort for the launch phase to make our project visible and to have it experimented by several users.

The price for the pre-sale is $185 (for the first 100 orders), then for the next 100 orders, the price will go up to $225 then to $250 for the final phase.

They are different payment methods; you can use BTC, LTC, and USD (bank wires, debit and credit cards). 

Are you reading to be QroTected and never pay your internet bills again? Buy it here. The amount of the initial investment will be recouped in just a few months.

More info about the project: