QRL | Quantum Resistant Ledger Mainnet Has Arrived

QRL, or Quantum Resistance Ledger, is reportedly one of the the first decentralized blockchains to be resistant to quantum computing attack. The mainnet has now launched today and so it is among the first [potentially future-proof post-quantum value stores. Let’s see the details about this launch in detail

Quantum Resistance Ledger

QRL is among the first to launch a future proof quantum value store and tackles the quantum computing attack with its technology. The technology behind QRL is secure peer-reviewed XMSS cryptography powered ledger, with a proof-of-work algorithm, Cryptonight v7. In a later stage, it would be moved to the proof-of-stake algorithm. It is different cryptography compared to Bitcoin. This will be using quantum-resistant signatures on the blockchain by using a different system of cryptography called XMSS.

This blockchain has been built by post-quantum cryptographers. The projected growth was significant in 2017 and the mainnet and wallet was promised by them to be available in Q1 2018. The QRL was an ERC20 token trading at a few exchanges big exchanges like Bittrex.

Below is the distribution details of QRl

  • Genesis Block would be 65 Millionth Coins.
  • Final distribution in 200 years would be 105 Million.
  • Block time would be 60 seconds.

QRL Mainnet Launch

The team has announced today that the mainnet has been launched and they thanked everyone who was with them all this while and the developer who worked very hard for this launch event. Below are some of the things that they launched along with the mainnet.

  • Block Explorer
  • Wallet
  • Website

There was no fuss or drama or promotion that was involved in the launch of this mainnet like any other blockchain project, just a tweet from them saying the mainnet that has been launched is something very unusual in this space. They also mentioned that there would be a detailed blog explaining this mainnet launch.

QRL Token Holders Excited

QRL token holders were very happy and appreciated the QRL team for their professionalism in handling this maninnet launch. Users were reporting that their ERC20 tokens were burned and migrated to the ARL wallet on the Genesis Block without any major issues. The explorer looked great and many users started mining to secure the network and also to earn some QRL. We also had a look at the explorer and it looked stunning with an excellent user interface.

As you can see, the explorer also displays the Hash Power, Difficulty and Block time.

We congratulate the team for their mainnet launch and would be happy to see them make more progress and become the top tier cryptocurrency serving the purpose that it has promised (i.e. being resistant to quantum computers).