Ran Neuner

A Sneak Peek into the Life of Crypto Trader Host Ran Neuner

Ran Neuner – Early Life

Ran Neuner was born on August 27, 1975 in Israel. In 1981, Ran`s parents shifted to seek better career opportunities in South Africa, where he grew up. He went to Wendywood primary school and King David High School, before joining the University of Witwatersrand for his bachelors degree in commerce, majoring in finance. Ran later joined the Institute for Investment Management Research and qualified as a CFA (Chartered Financial analyst). Now, he uses this academic knowledge in his professional life while analyzing investments.

His Entrepreneurial Journey and Current Ventures

Ran Neuner was interested in entrepreneurship from way back in his childhood. In 2001, he founded the Creative counsel, a marketing and advertising company that grew to be the best marketing firm in South Africa. Owing to the company’s success, Publicis Groupe showed interest and purchased it in 2015 for 1.5 billion South African Rands (approximately $120 million). He is a member of the YPO (youth presidents organization) and sits in several boards of management of top ranked companies.

Ran`s Cryptocurrency Career and TV Show

Ran Neuner now contributes to the cryptocurrency industry in Africa with his CNBC show Crypto Trader, and he’s well-known in the global cryptocurrency and blockchain space, earning many accolades. In 2018, he was among the top 100 cryptocurrency influencers according to crypto weekly. This was a position he maintained since 2016, when Richtopia ranked him as the 28th most influential blockchain expert globally.

Ran Neuner began taking interest in blockchain and crypto several years back and he now regularly speaks at major cryptocurrency forums worldwide. He is a frequent panelist on Gareth Cliff`s online radio show, the Cliff Central.
He’s best known for being the host at Crypto Trader, a cryptocurrency and blockchain show that airs on CNBC. Crypto trader was launched in 2017 and has been instrumental in assimilating South Africans into the crypto market. The show recently organized a major cryptocurrency forum in Johannesburg, where Luke Martin, a renowned blockchain investor was the guest speaker.

Neuner’s Advice to Budding Investors

Ran operates on one principle that everything he involves himself in has to be brilliant. Hence, he advises upcoming entrepreneurs to follow suit and ensure they are perfectionists in their line of interest. Ran believes that for one to be successful, they have to do the things they enjoy and money will later come as a natural consequence. He also advises people to do in-depth research before investing their hard-earned money.

Ran Neuner is single, and he is looking forward to starting a family soon. You can reach him through his social media accounts, especially Twitter where he frequently shares his insights on the blockchain market.