The Real Use Case For Dash

“What is the use case?” is the most frequent question that you’ll see appear for any cryptocurrency, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a good question. In fact it’s probably the most important question you’ll ever ask about an investment. If you can’t establish a good reason for people to actually use a coin or token, then there’s no reason to invest in it. Let’s take a look at Dash.

Better Features?

When first looking at Dash, it may be hard to see the use case. Now it just looks like another coin or token. It’s not shiny or fancy, but it definitely has something that other projects don’t have. If cryptocurrency enthusiasts really want mainstream users to adopt cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives, then the answer is not more features. The focus should be better ones that are easier to use, and that’s exactly what Dash is trying to do.

Dash has instant confirmations that are free from double spending. If this does not seem like a big deal to you, then you’ve never waited for two hours for Bitcoin (BTC) transfers to actually confirm so you could spend your money. The painful wait times of Bitcoin have long been the bane of any crypto enthusiast. It is more than likely, the reason, many merchants shy away from digital currencies. In some instances, you need instant confirmations for purchases. A vending machine could never work with Bitcoin in its current form. Nobody wants to wait over an hour to get their drink, and the fees would likely be ridiculous. With Dash however, everyday purchases become a reality.

Dash has many other cool tricks including allowing for private transactions. This is possible, thanks to a built in network mixer and community wide governance. They’ve also created the world’s first decentralized API, which allows websites to easily collect Dash payments from their customers in a way anyone can understand.

Dash – Single Click Transactions

This also will allow people to perform transactions using only a single click, a dramatic improvement over the current systems utilized by Bitcoin. Dash Evolution will also allow auto debits for merchants that offer subscriptions, merchants can be publicly accessed and rated on the blockchain and complicated cryptocurrency sending addresses can be replaced with easier to remember usernames to lessen sending errors.

Bitcoin started something great, however, Dash is picking up where it left off. They are creating a technology that people who don’t have an emotional connection to cryptocurrency may want to use.

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