RewardMob Partners Up With BigCode Games Offering Cash and Crypto Prizes

RewardMob “Brings It”


RewardMob, a blockchain-based mobile gaming platform with real money and cryptocurrency prizes, announced a new partnership with, which is known to be a mobile gamer’s haven. On the RewardMob platform the partnership will be launched on February 28th, and when the tournaments begin real cash and cryptocurrency will be up for grabs, so players are advised to come with their strongest gaming strategies and a competitive frame of mind. In other words “bring it”.

“We are excited to be working with RewardMob and the opportunity to make our games even more exciting for our fans,” said BigCode Games founder Ahmed Mohammed.



The RewardMob token, called RMOB is gaining traction not only in the world of online gaming but also in the world of sports after they announced their sponsorship of esteemed boxer, Malcolm Elton Klassen, who will be fighting in his 9th World Title fight in Russia on February 10th. For more details about the beloved Malcolm check out his stats here.


The team is tirelessly working on rolling out their project on The Waves Platform, which is a booming cryptocurrency platform created by Sasha Ivanov, and is rapidly expanding its user base worldwide.

The combination of mobile gaming and e-sports is a unique mix.  When people think of gamers they conjure up an image of something akin to the cast of The Big Bang Theory. If you aren’t familiar with this modern sitcom reference, let’s just say the cast is intentionally portrayed to be brainiacs and dedicated gamers.  The other side of the crowd will cater to e-sports fans. In contrast to the label plastered on the gamers, the world of sports comes with an equally playful stereotype where people may chuckle at the joke that athletes have more brawny attributes and less brainy attributes. This project cuts down the barrier between these worlds and eliminates the classic (and rude) labels we stick on each other. Why not? This way, everyone can get in on the action.


CryptoCoreMedia asked one of the creators behind the RewardMob project what made RewardMob and its new cryptocurrency RMOB stand above the competition,  the reply was astoundingly comforting from a business perspective.

“RewardMob is the first mobile loyalty program to have a fully integrated and working blockchain powering the platform. We have already partnered with several large mobile game developers that see our reward platform as a fun way
to help increase retention and monetization. The RMOB token represents a store of value in mobile gaming which can be used both on our platform and in the games that partner with us.” 
Explained Todd Koch, RewardMob CEO & Co-Founder
Todd added credit to his Chief Technology Officer, Colin Bracey who is also the other Co-Founder. That is a noble gesture, Todd- and we noticed.
Catch up with these guys, on their Telegram Chat room- be warned – it is ALWAYS moving quickly especially now that the project is gaining momentum.
Learn about the RewardMob ticket sale at the RMOB sale page, and learn about the technology and project plans by reading the RewardMob Whitepaper.
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