Rhett Creighton

Rhett Creighton – Taking Advantage of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Rhett Creighton – A Man Seeking for Opportunities on the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Rhett Creighton is a San-Francisco-based coder and blockchain developer that made a few contributions to Bitcoin Core. Creighton was the mind behind the Zclassic and the BTC Private fork and is also the creator of Whalecoin.

Who is Rhett Creighton?

Rhett Creighton is software engineer that studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Instead of choosing physics, Rhett chose Engineering as it would give him far more means and skills that he would be able to apply to any task. He completed a BS in Physics. Shortly after that, he was still interested in learning more about nuclear energy and completed a Masters degree in Nuclear Engineering.

With physics, Creighton was equipped to master a multi-career. He was prepared to become both an Entrepreneur and an Engineer, and with his innovative spirit and experience, he was destined to solve big problems.

While still at MIT, besides studying, Creighton was involved in some projects. He ran for student office, he started web businesses and built robots and even won some competitions. All these activities and projects helped him gain a lot of valuable experience, while his physics education and technical know-how continued to sharpen.

After completing his Masters degree in Nuclear Engineering, he took some time off, and soon made a return to programming. He co-founded Camm Security, Inc., a company in the video security industry. Camm Security, Inc. produces video security cameras which are used in many mobile devices, including the iPhone.

Rhett Creighton, the Entrepreneur

Creighton is an entrepreneur by nature. When he was in college, eBay was already very popular. Back then, he saw that there were no rules against automated bidding. This sounded like an opportunity to him and as so, he developed an app that enabled users to set up automated bidding up to the last second in an eBay auction.

Rhett also found that lawyers use standard TIFF file format for their patent files. However, they would be more than happy to have them in PDF format. Once again, Creighton saw an opportunity and immediately developed a TIFF-to-PDF file converter app that was paid. Needless to say, he had immense success.

Creighton has founded a few companies, and most recently, he founded another called GitHire, an expert hiring service that helps companies find the right programmer.

He saw that the traditional hiring model was not working. It failed to screen and hire the best programmers. GitHire designed its own algorithm which allows companies to quickly find experienced programmers and vice-versa.

For Creighton, the will to innovate never stops. He already proved he knows great inventions offer great opportunities, and for him, cryptocurrency seemed to be a niche full of potential.

Rhett Creighton the cryptocurrency developer and “Serial Forker”

Rhett is the developer behind whalecoin, a Ponzi like cryptocurrency project where users receive an incentive for holding coins. He made a small contribution to Bitcoin core, and according to his Linkedin page, he is currently a Bitcoin Core test suite contributor.

Apart from Whalecoin, Creighton has been involved in various projects such as Bitcoin Unlimited and was the face of the Zclassic and Bitcoin Private Fork. After a few months of little to no development by the Zclassic team, he decided to propose the Bitcoin Private Fork. As always, Creighton saw an opportunity and used the privacy subject to launch a new coin. Shortly after, he abandoned Zclassic, and after a few pumps and dumps, Zclassic was wrecked. Meanwhile, Creighton got fired from Bitcoin Private.

Recently, Creighton announced a new Fork via Twitter. He expressed the will to make a new Fork out of Bitcoin and Primecoin (XPM), soon after the announcement Primecoin skyrocketed while BTCP was sinking. The Bitcoin Private community was furious. They knew Creighton was holding both tokens and that he was the responsible for the pump and dump. Since then, a lot of accusations have come out. Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin, accused Rhett of being fake. Now, the community has been looking at him with a lot of suspicion, while many are already calling him a scammer and a “Serial Forker”.

All and all, with all these twists and turns, Rhett Creighton, a remarkable software engineer ended up throwing what could have been a brilliant career in the blockchain industry into the garbage.


  1. He is most certainly not to be trusted ever again. His next fork is the most blatant pump scam I’ve seen

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