Rhian Lewis

Rhian Lewis | Crypto Developer And Advocate

Rhian Lewis

Rhian Lewis is neck deep when it comes to involvement in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Rhian is a software development engineer in test (SDET) and blockchain consultant at Salvia Media Services. She also happens to be the director of Salvia Media Services. In this article, we specifically look at the blockchain side of her work  as well as other things she does in the cryptocurrency world.

Journalist and quality assurance analyst are also professional titles Rhian Lewis goes by. She was an assistant editor at Time and a news reporter and editor at the World Entertainment News Network. Her quality assurance analyst experience involves testing apps and websites among others for many top-notch organizations.

Her Involvement In Crypto

With Salvia Media Services, as mentioned in the introduction, Rhian consults for businesses in Europe on blockchain related dealings. In addition, she offers education on blockchain technology.

Rhian Lewis has also been educating the general cryptocurrency community with her presentations at several top conferences in the cryptocurrency space. If you also make such presentations or are planning to do so, you should read “in the beginning there was bitcoin”. Yes, she writes too. In this one, she talks about how it’s necessary to take a few minutes at the beginning of presentations to explain what blockchain is. This is to ensure that beginners are not left out from the onset of presentations.

In “why I ran a group for women in Bitcoin”, we learn about her efforts in getting more women into the crypto space. With her efforts, she has brought together women from different professional backgrounds to the London women in bitcoin group she started with a friend in 2014. In her view, the women in Bitcoin group provides a welcoming environment for women who would otherwise have stayed away from Bitcoin for various reasons. She pointed out that unpleasant encounters at events faced by some women was one reason. Some women not being able to relate to the “male tech savvy bitcoiner” was another.

That is not all the only crypto related work she has done. For those who have investments or holdings in various crypto assets and want an easy way of knowing the total value of their portfolio, she has created countmycrypto.com. Countmycrypto.com users are able to check the value of their digital asset portfolio in Bitcoin, the US dollar, the pound, and euro.

A Top Woman In The Space

Rhian Lewis studied Economics at the University College London. This means we can assume she has a good understanding of Economics. Her LinkedIn page also states that she was a part of the anarchist group while studying at the university. Hopefully, we can find out if these two factors had anything to do with her interest in cryptocurrencies in a future interview.

For now, this has been a look at the work of another top woman in the cryptocurrency space. She has done an amazing job of getting more women into the digital asset world, built software herself and shared her knowledge too.

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