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Ride Sharing App Using Blockchain Proposed By Leading Chinese Entrepreneur

Ride Sharing App on a Blockchain

Weixing Chen, who’s the man behind Kuaidi Dache – a very popular ride sharing app – has now decided to use blockchain technology to launch a similar app. The reason for using the distributed ledger would be to make the process more efficient and safer for people to use. Notably, there have been numerous incidents around the world, when people have used Uber and other major ride hailing apps, that have resulted in kidnappings or other serious crimes. 

Although these companies claim that they perform thorough background checks on their drivers, current ride sharing apps have still proven to be not 100% safe. Presumably, Chen would look to better ensure the safety of the users with the new blockchain-powered app. What we know so far about this project is that Chen will be working with Yang Jun, who is one of the founders of Meituan, an on-demand local services company.    

First Real Test of Blockchain on a “Mass Scale” Social App

Commenting on the use of blockchain technology, Yang Sun stated:

“I’ve been asking myself what’s the value of the blockchain. My definition is to see whether and where people can actually use it. With the use of blockchain, we can build a set of economic systems different from the previous ones…We can direct traffic from the Internet and add on different services to meet users’ needs.” 

Jun’s statements came during the China International Big Data Industry Expo in Guizhou, China. Also, according to his partner Chen, the launch of a ride sharing app using a blockchain would be putting the immutable ledger to its very first real test in this type “mass scale” application.

Chen Might Be Wrong…Not the First Time

While the idea of using blockchain for a ride sharing app might be worth looking into, it’s not the only time that is has been proposed. Decentralized Alternative Cabs Serving & Empowering Everyone (DACSEE), a ride sharing app that also uses blockchain technology has already been launched. DACSEE started off in Malaysia and can be used on Android and iOS.

The plan, according to its creators, is to serve customers in China, Thailand, and Indonesia. The creators of DACSEE have managed to receive quite a bit of funding for their project. In fact, they’ve reportedly raised $25 million since they introduced the idea back in December 2017. Also, as is the case for most blockchain platforms, DACSEE uses a simple ERC-20 token to incentivize the platform.