Roger Ver Loses Bitcoin Twitter Handle

Roger  Ver and Bitcoin Cash followers went into a state of shock when they found that their @bitcoin twitter handle was suspended. The @bitcoin twitter handle had more than 650K followers and the handle was wrongly used to propagate Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin. Let’s discuss the recent drama surrounding this event.

Roger Ver Misguiding Noobs

Roger Ver and the Bitcoin Cash team are in the habit of misguiding noobs to believe Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin. They followed several tactics to wrongly guide the people towards Bitcoin Cash by creating brand confusion. The Bitcoin name was used by them several times while referencing Bitcoin Cash, and this created a lot of confusion and even loss of funds by newcomers when they wrongly sent the Bitcoin Cash tokens to the Bitcoin blockchain and vice-versa. The r/btc subreddit page on Reddit is using the BCH ticker, but still, it is basically hijacked by Bitcoin Cash team. Similarly, website is owned by Roger Ver and he uses it for propagating Bitcoin Cash news and events.

Bitcoin Twitter Handle Suspended

The twitter handle that was under the control of the Bitcoin Cash team was suspended suddenly by the Twitter team. Roger and the BCash team were in a shock and they expressed their disappointment on Reddit and Twitter. The twitter handle might have been suspended due to the continuous complaints received from users due to the false propaganda and miscommunication spread by the Bitcoin Cash team using the handle. Roger was furious and tweeted that

“So this is how free speech dies…with thunderous applause.

Crypto Celebrities Thrashing Roger

Many Crypto celebrities showed their strong opposition to Roger’s statement on “Freedom of Speech”, because he is speaking of “Free Speech” while hijacking Bitcoin brand. Below are some of the tweets from famous Crypto celebrities

 Allex Ferreira tweeted :

 “Twitter also think that isn’t .”

Whale Panda tweeted :

“Karma is a . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What goes around comes around. Losing the millions you spend on getting the handle is pretty priceless though.”

James Loop Tweeted :

“Freedom of speech means that the government won’t throw you in a cage for saying something it doesn’t condone. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want on someone else’s property.”

Twist and Turns

In a sudden turn of events, people noticed that the Bitcoin twitter handle was owned by some random guy from Turkey. People started wondering how the handle was handed over to him suddenly.

Michael Matthews from Bitcoin Cash team twitted :

“I support the original owner of this account.

Who the hell are you and how did you acquire this account”

The guy was not aware of the significance of the twitter account and he was tweeting casually like “Turkey is cool”

Many people started to contact him but he never responded.

Armin van Bitcoin tweeted to him

Many people will approach you offering money to buy your Twitter account. Remember that NONE of them are worthy to have this account. Their motivations are driven by greed. Keep your account and you’ll play a key role for a better world to come.”

To everyone’s surprise today, the owner shows someone else with the description that says “My name is Andrei from Moscow Russia “ and the account is protected. This has led to more confusion on the ownership change overnight.

Bitcoin Cash team saved the Archives

Bitcoin team was able to retrieve the archives of the old @bitcoin twitter handle and the old tweets and messages were saved and were recoverable. But that cannot be used to send out more tweets or interact with the users. It only can be used to view the old tweets from this url .-

It is very clear that the Twitter took action and suspended the @bitcoin twitter handle, but not clear on why the handle was handed over to some random people. Many people were in the favor of handing over the handle to some responsible Bitcoin enthusiast and developers like Adam Back, Nick Szabo or Andrea Antonopoulos. But Andreas suggested that the handle should be burned and not used anymore.

This was a very interesting turn of events that happened yesterday that took Twitter by storm.

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