Roger Ver: "Bitcoin Price Would Have Been $10000 By Now"

Roger Ver | “Bitcoin Price Would Have Been $10000 By Now”

Roger Ver has taken a swipe at the Bitcoin Core Team for bringing down Bitcoin price. In a Tweet, he accused Core of Economic ignorance and that is the reason why Bitcoin price is not yet at $10,000.

Bitcoin would likely already be over $10,000 each if not for the economic ignorance of Core’s full block policy.

He maintains that it stems from the Bitcoin team’s full block policy. The acrimony between the two has been brewing for almost two years since the disagreement over Bitcoin blocksize through the August 1 hard fork which brought about Bitcoin Cash.

This comes at a time when another disgruntled group is also forking out of Bitcoin to give crypto lovers another digital currency called Bitcoin Gold. These comments from the owner of actually spurred copious response from other community members.

Community Reaction

Typical of the rancor that has characterized this discourse for some few years now, the community backlash to Roger’s comments were a miss feelings. Whilst Litecoin’s Charlie Lee concurred with him, Jratcliff thinks Bitcoin would probably already be at $10k if Roger and his allies hadn’t blocked segwit for two years, launched an hard forks and spread lies.

BTC_Joe wrote:

“It looks like you’ve combined a bunch of words into a statement. You should consider writing a fantasy novel about your musings. Between BTC dominance will continue to fluctuate, unlike your stupidity.”

Bitwealthy on his part had a different but engaging point. He suggested that Roger is right though, if BTC didn’t get into a political turmoil that resulted in a barely usable, unreliable experience, it would be $10k+.

However, Daniel Pourkourosh begged to differ when he stated that Bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin as it is congruent with the Bitcoin whitepaper, unlike Segwitcoin and that the free market will decide which currency is better. Anyway, NewerNews dissented and said: “The free market gives no fucks about the whitepaper.”

Commenting, Jameson Lopp asked the man whom others refer to as Bitcoin Jesus whilst others now call Bitcoin Judas not to worry since we will get there soon enough. To him, Crypto asset network engineering is a multigenerational marathon, but not a sprint.

Moreover, Nirvana believes that the thesis has been disproven since we have Bitcoin Cash with unlimited block size, meanwhile, SegWit gives us free transactions on Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash has a tiny market. “My greatest worry about BTC is that people like you can fall for this centralization agenda.  It’s choosing Roger as the king vs libertarian BTC,” Nirvana wrote.

It was also captivating to see the CEO of Civic Keys, Vinny Lingham, who is also a Bitcoin Price prediction pundit wading into the matter. “Roger quit huffing so many helium balloons. We can hear it in your voice and it’s affecting your brain. BALLOONS ARE FOR KIDS, ROGER!,” Vinny exclaimed.

Roger Vs Core

The differences in ideology between Roger Ver and Core with its follows seem not to go away. Who is right or wrong? Or all these various ideologies bring diversity to Cryptoshere?

It is time Core Radio arrange a debate between the two school of thoughts. It will be fascinating to see Vinny Lingham debating Roger Ver on Bigger and Smaller Blocks.