Roger Ver: "Bitcoin Price Would Have Been $10000 By Now"

Roger Ver’s Spat Triggers Flood of Bitcoin Donations to Andreas Antonopoulos

Prominent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter and CEO Roger Ver recently tweeted out that Andreas M. Antonopulos, a bitcoin community scholar and lecturer who’s authored several books including Mastering Bitcoin, could be a millionaire if he had invested at least $300 into the cryptocurrency back in 2012. Ver’s tweet, open to interpretation, acknowledges Antonopoulos’ expertise, but seemingly says he should’ve put his money where his mouth is.

In response, Antonopoulos revealed that he did invest in the cryptocurrency, but that he was forced to sell it in 2013 to pay for rent, and that he didn’t go deeper into debt to invest as he had to take care of his family.

The bitcoin community, recognizing Antonopoulos’ value and acknowledging his situation, decided to support him and his work. In an overwhelming display of goodwill, community members started flooding Antonopoulos’ bitcoin address with donations, with one user sending him 37 BTC – worth over $575,000 at press time.

Bitcoin’s value recently surged to a new all-time high above $16,000 before dropping back to $15,558 at press time, according to data from Cryptocompare. Given that the cryptocurrency’s price is up by over 17% in the last 24-hour period, Antonopoulos received a gift that kept on giving.

Reacting to the news, the author revealed that he was left speechless when he saw the number of donations he’d received, and let out several tweets thanking the community for the donations. Later on, he published a blog post, before announcing he would leave social media to “process everything that had happened.”

The blog post reads:

“And then, something amazing happened. Over the next several hours, tens, dozens, then hundreds of people responded. I sat reading the responses with tears in my eyes. An outpouring of positivity washed over me. People I have never met jumped to my defense, reminding me that they started their journey after watching my videos, or reading my books. Some people attacked the original criticism and its author (which I strongly discourage). But the vast majority focused on optimism.”

Ironically, Ver’s position on Antonopoulos’ bitcoin investments nearly made him a millionaire in only a few hours. The author’s Patreon page was also quickly flooded with new sign-ups from users ready to support his work.

Reacting to the community’s overwhelming goodwill and Antonopoulos’ new-found riches, Ver congratulated him on the deserved donations and clarified that he pitched in as well. Ver then added that he would respect him “far more” if he were to “speak out against the censorship and manipulation that is still going on at r/Bitcoin”