Sarah Jamie Lewis

Sarah Jamie Lewis | Mainstreaming Anonymity and Privacy Through the Blockchain

Meet the Queer Cyberpunk Lady – Sarah Jamie Lewis

Popular anonymity and open privacy researcher, who has been cited in academic and journalistic publications, Sarah Jamie Lewis, is a 3-in-1 cyberpunk, author and blockchain enthusiast. Her work focuses on visualizing threat models, analyzing existing frameworks for security loopholes and building smart tools that keep corporations and individuals safe from threats, now and in the future.

She is the author of Queer Privacy, “a collection of essays about community, family, coming out, dating, domestic violence, activism, sex work and suicide. We will talk about problems, we won’t always have solutions, and not all the stories have happy endings. After all, this is real life and we are building it together – one step at a time.”

As a security expert, she has audited high profile websites like Amazon, checking for security vulnerabilities. Her kind of work means she has been given the opportunity to manage teams of software developers and computer scientists, in their quest to deliver secure, high performance architecture for various platforms.

A programmer herself, Sarah Jamie Lewis is proficient in languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python and SPL. She is also familiar with a host of libraries and services including DynamoDB, libsodium, MySql, OpenSSL, SQS, S3 and ZeroMq. Furthermore, Sarah has deep expertise in telecommunication and internet protocols involving: CAMEL, DIAMETER, INAP, RADIUS, SCTP, SIGTRAN, SS7, TCP and UDP.

Queer Privacy, Queer Cyberpunk and A Blockchain

Although Sarah spends a lot of her time freelancing to pay the bills (as stated by her on her Patreon page), the bulk of her spare time is spent on her main project Onion Scan. A free and open source tool initiated by her for investigating the dark web. The sourcecode can be found on GitHub, including copious details about how it works.

Each month, a progress report is published, giving details of how funds set apart for the project are spent and other information on the project. OnionScan is a work in progress with several contributors, some of which you can find on GitHub, working on the project simultaneously.

Queer Activities

For someone who lives an interesting queer life, Sarah Jamie Lewis has other projects in which she is actively involved. Some of these open source software projects can be found on Github. Her “day job” is as Executive Director at Open Privacy Research Society, a Canada based nonprofit.

In addition, Sarah regularly contributes essays on anonymity and privacy to Mascherari Press, an organization that publishes insights on the aforementioned topics. Their aim is for people to understand the impact of these topics, consider how they rely on them, and to learn how to build better tools to empower themselves and others.

Whatever lifestyle one chooses to live, control of our privacy should always be in our hands. While this is near impossible with centralized systems, it is refreshing to see Sarah Jamie Lewis literally taking the bulls by the horn, using blockchain.

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