Meet Jon Matonis – the man who Met Satoshi

Not many people claim to have met Nakamoto Satoshi, the name that is generally believed to be behind the invention of Bitcoins. Well, if there is any one that has openly claimed to have met Satoshi, then, that person is Jon Matonis. According to Matonis, he got to know Satoshi sometime in March, 2010. Their relationship started after he got a mail from Satoshi Nakamoto  which brought his attention to a bitcoin publication. He goes on to talk about how he was encouraged to go ahead and mine as well as transact in Bitcoins.

Who is Jon Matonis that met with Satoshi Nakamoto

Jon Matonis might be many different things to various people. However, one thing that is generally accepted by everyone that knows Jon Matonis is that he is an e-money research guru.  Ranging from crypto economics to digital currencies and blockchain, Jon Matonis’ world revolves around cryptocurrency. Matonis is an economist, the former director of Bitcoin Foundation, an e-money research, and the 68th most influential person in blockchain for the month of May on Richtopia.

Over the years, Matonis has held quite a number of positions in cryptocurrency institutions. He has functioned as a board director to various firms that are into mobile payments, Bitcoin, and Blockchain. He has also been a guest in some world famous media houses. Some of them include CNN, Bloomberg, Aljazeera, CNBC, Virgin Radio, RT, NPR, etc.

Bitcoin Foundation

The Bitcoin Foundation, one of America’s non-commercial organizations was established in September. The main aim of establishing this corporation was to boost the use of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Foundation has its headquarters in Washington D.C, United States, and is majorly funded by grants that are gotten from firms that are dependent on Bitcoin methodology. This foundation is considered by Richtopia, a company based in the United Kingdom to be one of the most influential blockchain organizations. It was not stated by Richtopia why the Bitcoin Foundation made it to the list of the top 100 most influential blockchain organizations. However, the fact that this organization had Jon Matonis, an influential person in blockchain as its former director is proof that it deserves to be on this list.

Although a lot of folks in the Bitcoin community believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is either faceless or is Nick Szabo  and have evidence to back up these claims, Jon Matonis claims he has met Satoshi and that the face behind the name Satoshi is none other than Craig Steven Wright.

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