SelfSell: Riding Up the Ladder

The result of the brainchild of a person or a group of persons knows by the pseudonym SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, the Blockchain technology has the potential to completely change the ways businesses perform their operations and maintain their databases. Every day businesses are attempting to inculcate blockchain technologies across the globe. China and the US are the two powerhouses in the fast-moving blockchain space. It is critical to understand the Chinese perspective to understand where Blockchain is headed.

The Blockchain Connect Conference is the first US-China blockchain conference and will set the tone for the future of Blockchain.The Blockchain Connect Conference will be held in San Francisco on Jan 26, 2018, bringing together over 1000 scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and developers from all over the world for a day of blockchain discussion. The key speakers include Charlie Lee- Founder of Litecoin, Brad Garlinghouse- CEO of Ripple, Kathryn Haun- Member of the Board of Directors, Coinbaseand many more. The guest list is also captivating and one very interesting name in the VIP list is Li Yuan- Founder of SelfSell.

In the world society, where 90% of people fails to achieve a rapid progress on the plateau of death, because people are afraid of the risk to gain enough resources. SelfSell helps people cross the plateau of death, and climb to the summit, by leverage one’s own future value to create growth opportunities at present stage. With tons of talents sharing their future value, you get the chance to invest in the next Jack Ma, Zuckerburg, Kobe Bryant, and Angelina Jolie.

The first release of the SelfSell Product is in Feb 2018; therefore, it is quite obvious that the founder is marking its presence in various meet-ups. A day before his presence in Blockchain Connect Conference, he was one among the speakers in Davos Economic Forum. Well, it’s a good sign for the financial market as well as for the human talents. As SelfSell has combined human talents with investment, there is a new ray of optimism.