World Economic Forum’s Sheila Warren Loves Blockchain

Sheila Warren is the Head of Blockchain and distributed ledger technology at World Economic Forum. She is a strong advocate for Bitcoin and Blockchain and has truly understood the disruptive nature of this futurist technology. We will be discussing the critical role she plays in this sector and also her views on blockchain’s distributed ledger technology and how it will change the world.

Strong Advocate of Blockchain

It is really refreshing to see women take up the highest position in an international organization like the World Economic Forum. It is also good to see them take up a role that involves the promotion of blockchain technology. Notably, we don’t see many women in this space and they tend not to take as much interest when it comes to blockchain and Bitcoin. However, Sheila not only took up this role, but is also a strong advocate of this disruptive technology. She always mentions Blockchain as a “Fourth Industrial Revolution“, and might be right in her claim, as we move forward.

Sheila has already become a notable contributor in this space with her inspiring words:

“You see the world for what it can look like and you realize you can have a hand in shaping that.”

She even visualizes the world to be functioning completely on blockchain technology in the foreseeable future.

Sheila’s Interview with CNBC

Sheila was recently interviewed on CNBC, and in that, she clearly explained the potential of this technology. One can notice her enthusiasm and energy level while discussing this technology. 

In the interview, she says that the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and their underlying Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize and transform a lot of sectors in the world.  She also added that the decentralized public database will help in creating a peer-to -peer network, eliminating the central authority while allowing people to interact with each other and create records that are immutable.

The interviewer asked her to give one exciting application that would be built in the future on blockchain, and she gave one of the best examples one could give. Sheila mentioned the logistics and supply chain industry and the inefficiency in bringing the goods from one place to another using the current systems in place. According to her, this can be solved by recording them on a blockchain, thus making it super efficient.

True Believer in Blockchain Technology

Sheila encourages other women to learn about this technology, and when she met with another lady executive who understands this technology very well, she just greeted her by saying ‘welcome my friend’. She also mentions that Bitcoin is just an application of blockchain, and adds that Bitcoin to Blockchain is like email to the internet

So, even if email somehow vanishes, the Internet is here to stay. Sheila notes that there are different blockchain projects are in the work and many are yet to be announced. She is also happy that many countries pay attention to the blockchain space and governments across the world are looking forward to implementing blockchain to help their citizens.

Sheila considers infrastructure and psychological readiness to be the factors enabling the wider adoption of blockchain technology. She also predicts that her grandchildren will never know today’s fiat currency like the dollar, nickel or penny. She believes that the world’s perspective on energy used by the crypto mining sector is overhyped, and it will be reviewed by policy put in place by the governments across the world. This issue will be easily solved with the alternative energy source that is going to help mitigate this problem, according to the WEF leader.

We have covered Sheila’s blockchain interests in this article to encourage more women, and people in general, to take part in this revolution and help take the future towards a more decentralized and “trustless society“.


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