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Shipping Containers Now Used for Cryptocurrency Mining

It can be easily said that apart from being used in the transportation of goods, shipping containers are only useful in erecting. Although this could have been said to be quite true a few years back, it is absolutely false at the moment. Shipping containers have lots of characteristics. However, one characteristic of shipping containers that is currently considered very important to the cryptocurrency world is mobility. Shipping containers can be moved quite easily from one location to another through the use of trains, ships, and trucks. This, therefore, makes them good for use in cryptocurrency mining.

Blockchain technology, the technology on which cryptocurrency is based on is considered to be one of the best things to happen to human existence in recent times. Although a lot of people consider this a fact. Cryptocurrency mining, a process that is powered by Blockchain technology has a major flaw and that flaw is its excessive power consumption. Well, as it stands, the flaw can be remedied by taking advantage of shipping containers. How possible is this?

Nordcoin has an Idea

Nordcoin Mining is a relatively unknown firm that is based in Estonia. This company refers to itself as a “scalable and efficient cryptocurrency mining farm”. Although Nordcoin is not exactly a farm in the real sense of that word, it has created something that can be referred to as a cryptocurrency mining farm. This invention simply involves putting over a hundred computers that are used in cryptocurrency mining in a shipping container and moving them to any part of the world where there is inexpensive green power. Usually, cool mechanisms are attached to these computers as they are moved around. Now, the interesting thing is cheap green power might not be found in one area for too long. Well, if you are able to move your cryptocurrency mining computers to wherever there is inexpensive green power, the problem of the excessive use of energy will be a story of the past.

The Importance of Cryptocurrency Farms in Shipping Containers to the Cryptocurrency World

The procedure that is involved in Bitcoin mining already requires more energy than Ireland and is predicted to require 0.5% of the world’s supply of electricity by the end of 2018. Well, with the arrival of Nordcoin’s cryptocurrency farm, the process of cryptocurrency mining can take place in environments with lots of free electricity. This ultimately reduces the cost of cryptocurrency mining. Also, the cryptocurrency process can be carried out independent of any government and can become truly decentralized.

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