Sia Announces New Core Dev, Duplicati Integration and Community Resources

Sia, the decentralized cloud storage platform that uses SiaCoin as its settlement currency, has published a new blog post today, describing the most recent developments in the project’s ecosystem. The update reads:

“A lot has happened over the last month at Sia. We announced new integrations, expanded our team, and saw the launch of new user contributions.”

Recent updates include a new addition to the team, a new technologic integration and a handful of websites and resources that can be used by the SiaCoin community. The team also celebrated the growth of its community on relevant social media and group chat applications.

Sia Coin Announces New Core Developer

During the blog post, the Sia team welcomed its newest addition, Chris Schinnerl, who shall be joining as Sia’s newest core developer, having moved from Austria to Boston in order to be able to work with the team. In the announcement, Zach Herbert, VP of Operations said:

“We are thrilled to announce that Chris Schinnerl has officially moved to Boston this week to join Sia as our newest core developer. We’re incredibly happy to have him on the team.

Chris comes to us from Austria. He learned to code while in high school and developed an interest in open source software around the same time. He studied Computer Science at Graz University of Technology, achieving his undergrad degree while working as a software engineer for AVL List.”

Zach Herbert explains how the newest addition came to be, revealing that Chris was, at first, an enthusiastic contributor working to improve Sia independently and without any monetary incentive. Herbert stated:

“Once Chris learned about the idea of decentralized storage, he was hooked. A few Siacoin and a full node later, he began contributing to the project. Chris spent a few months submitting fixes and features via Github, and enough of these were merged with the core code that the team started to take notice. One short hop across the Atlantic and Chris met the Sia team in August of this year.”

Duplicati Integration

As part of a recent community bounty, SiaCoin was integrated into Duplicati, a free and open-source software designed for encrypted backups. The integration submission was merged by Duplicati, allowing the users of the software to backup “any folder in their computers directly to the Sia network”.

The news comes two months after the completion of the first bounty, the Minio integration which allowed all Minio users to use Sia as their backend storage. Zach Herbert described Minio in a previous blog post:

“Minio is a distributed object storage server, which allows users to connect to any data source (like S3, Azure, GCP), create buckets for file storage, and then share URLs to the files. It also provides an external S3-compatible API.”

Community Resources

The newest blog post by Sia also so featured some the most recent resources that have been made available by or for the community. Among these is the Luxor Mining Pool, a Sia Coin mining pool developed by Luxor Tech, a company that is also working on a lite wallet for Sia Coin. 10% of the pool’s proceeds will be donated to the development team.

Additionally, a new website that provides various information on the current state of the Sia Blockchain, including the number of daily transactions and contracts, among many others. The website is called SiaStats and it was developed by an enthusiastic member of the Sia community, @hakkane.