SigwoNET Project Interview

SigwoNET Project Interview

Sigwonet – Asset Details

Tell us about yourself. How did you get interested in cryptocurrencies and what were your previous projects?

Sigwonet –

Tell us about yourself. How did you get interested in cryptocurrencies and what were your previous projects?

My name is Steven. I’m married and have 3 children with another on the way. 

I got interested in Bitcoin back in 2012, but ultimately gave up mining it because I didn’t understand ‘pooled mining’. Man, I really wish I would have continued reading that Wiki post LOL. I started mining Litecoin Thanksgiving Day, 2013 with my Nvidia GT video cards. As I got comfortable with mining, I started to look towards building things in the crypto world. The easiest thing to build were mining pools! Coincidence, and ironic. 

I started a Dogecoin pool and got a couple people at work interested in mining. They all ROI’ed (woot!) on their gear. Nobody is after me trying to kill me.

My ongoing personal projects are;


SIGVAULT (, and a teamed project 

UNOMP ( with awesome dudes Ahmed, Elitemobb, and Infernoman. Many pools use UNOMP as their platform of choice.

What is the current business model of SIGWONET?

The current business model for SIGWONET is make as much as I can to give back to the asset holders. I have secured a commissioned job for the next three months to build some services for a team of entrepreneurs and then deliver and maintain those services for the duration of their life. Additional commissions will be received for updates/improvements and additional services rendered.

What is a SigVault and why would someone opt to store coins on one over their own PC?

The main reason is to keep your large investments off your ‘daily driver’ computer. Computers are infected with malicious code at an alarming rate. People have their coins stolen right off of their computers. 

With SigVault, the attack vector is greatly reduced and the access is only gained on-home network. The attacker would have to compromise your Internet surfing machine, find the SigVault, compromise that, then try to get your encrypted wallet. Included with every SigVault are step by step instructions on securing the local wallet.dat file.

CORE has seen a real growth in dividends since the initial IPO offering of SIGWONET. How does the future look for SIGWONET?

The future is very, very bright for SIGWONET. As stated earlier, I have secured a commissioned project for a team to provide services and a platform for their distribution. Apologies for the vagueness, but that’s the way they wanted me to roll for now. I am building my coding prowess and ability to take on profitable and meaningful jobs to improve the ecosystem as a whole.



twitter: @sigwo