Slack Was Slowly Dying And Now Is Dead

Slack Was Slowly Dying And Now Is Dead

 Dear Slack Communities,

As of approximately 30 mins ago (6:45pm EST) The entire SLACK communications portal went down abruptly, causing hundreds of thousands of communities and work groups to lose a vital communications channel.

We have been monitoring and preparing for such an event since the beginning of the Scamming attempts that encroached the Slack Application a few months ago and are pleased to advise that you can connect with our team at our discord Channel here->

Please don’t hesitate to join with us even if you are not a part of our community yet. We will keep you updated as events unfold and wish to assure you that our team are a great bunch of ethically solid individuals who are here to help.

We suggest you contact your communities as soon as possible. If you need a dedicated channel, you are welcome to join our slack where we will create a channel for your team where you can maintain your communications.

All the very Best Core Group