Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg in the House at the NYC Ripple Blockchain Party

Snoop Dogg from the 1990s

Snoop Dogg started his career back in 1992 when him and Dr. Dre appeared together in a music video, which was part of the Deep Cover movie soundtrack. After that, the former gangster rapper was featured on Dr. Dre’s triple-platinum Chronic LP. But the later Doggystyle solo album launched by Snoop Dogg was what really put him on the map. Notably, it featured hit singles such as Gin & Juice, What’s my Name, et al. Unfortunately, however, the acclaimed rapper was then embroiled in a murder trial and even released a single titled Murder was the Case (that they gave me). 

That was, as most old-school rap fans would know, back in the 1990s. Since then, Snoop Dogg has matured a lot it seems, and has drastically changed around his rapping and performance style. Although he has been criticized heavily for this by many, the world-famous rapper and performer continues to do as he pleases. He has amassed a huge fortune in the hundreds of millions of dollars because of his impressive rapping skills and overall persona.

Ripple Led NYC Blockchain Party

There is no shortage of celebrities endorsing cryptocurrency platforms, as Steven Seagal and Floyd Mayweather have promoted various crypto brands and startups. Now, Snoop Dogg has entered the “celebrity crypto promo club” as well. The once controversial rapper will be part of the Ripple VIP gathering in NYC and has also decided to offer 10 free tickets to the blockchain party via Twitter.

This seems a bit silly to me, but now I remember being a part of these types of events myself. It reminds me of the time when I was out in Chicago in 2005 attending an Oracle PL/SQL Conference led by Steven Feuerstein. There were many crazy things going on there and one thing I will never forget is actually cutting an Oracle PL/SQL cake. So, I guess it is okay to have a little fun, even when it involves something more serious.

Ripple Announces Snoop Dogg Performance

Anyway, let’s get ready y’all because your favorite veteran rapper will hit the stage and the XRP Community Blockchain Week. This event is part of the Blockchain Week in NYC to be held in May. According the official post: 

“As special thanks to those who are building liquidity, validating transactions, developing on the XRP Ledger, looking to xRapid as a liquidity solution and sharing the good word about XRP’s many benefits, we’re hosting a special night.”

In case you weren’t invited to this “prestigious” event, the Ripple Company will be holding two additional events right before Blockchain Week to give more people a chance to win concert tickets. These hot events are Ripple Trivia Night set for April 26th, and Make the Meme scheduled for May 2nd. Those who partake in Trivia Night could win one of eight tickets. 

How to Win Free Tickets

 In order to win free tickets, the lucky winners have to correctly answer three questions via only one tweet and in only 1 hour. Questions, according to the Ripple Company website, will be published on April 26th (4 pm Pacific Time). The following day, winners will be announced. For the Make Your Meme event, the company will ask Twitter users to provide a caption for 1 out of 2 images to be released May 2nd. Winners will be publicly announced by May 4th.

This might seem a bit obnoxious, but I think it’s a great way to engage more people in a fun way so that they can begin to learn more about the innovative products that Ripple now offers. It’s basically a creative way to bring more people to the crypto space.