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Colombian Soccer Player Launches his own Cryptocurrency Called “JR10 Token”

Soccer Player James Rodriguez Launches the “JR10 Token”

Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez, midfield player at Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga and winner of the golden boot of the 2014 FIFA world cup, posted a surprise on his Twitter account. He just signed an agreement with the new blockchain platform known as “SelfSell” to launch his own cryptocurrency called “JR10 Token”. This token is expected to reflect the values of his brand and forge a stronger relationship with his fans.

SelfSell is a platform with its own Blockchain and aims to be a stock exchange. This is not going to be a stock exchange of companies but of people. The idea is that each person would be able to sell their personal brand through tokens just like shares of publicly traded companies are traded on stock exchanges.

All this allows young talents, aspiring to be stars and representatives of various disciplines (arts, sports, science, entrepreneurship, entertainment, etc.) to sell part of their future personal brand now and use the returns to invest in their future and work towards their development.

The cryptocurrency “JR10 Token”, which has the name and jersey number of the Colombian player, will be available for pre-purchase through the SelfSell application on May 27.  This would make James the first active international soccer player to enter the blockchain world with his own cryptocurrency.


A Cryptocurrency With Various Privileges For Holders

According to SelfSell, the beneficiaries of the “JR10 Tokens” can enjoy exclusive privileges, from buying souvenirs from James, participating in fan club meetings or even following the player’s growth process through the app.

The founder of SelfSell, Li Yuan, believes that in the blockchain ecosystem, which he describes as a community that enables exchange, everyone can be both creators and beneficiaries of value.

With the concept of “Value yourself, Value Your Future“, SelfSell wants to create the world’s first platform of assets based on the human being. The company believes that people should have the same rights to launch their own cryptocurrencies like companies do. The value of such tokens would come from the personal brand, personal credibility, and potential of the individual behind the token.