The Stratis Platform | Not Just A Bitcoin Copy Cat

Stratis Is…

Stratis is a blockchain platform built using the same framework that Bitcoin was built on. Notably different from Bitcoin, Stratis is fueled by a Proof-Of- Stake (PoS) method of consensus, unlike the Proof of Work or PoW utilized on the Bitcoin network. PoS is not as voracious in its energy consumption as the gluttonous PoW protocols; and, less energy use equals lower electric costs, so add a check mark to the positive improvements.

Stratis Is Unique, Yet Utilizes A Time-Tested Foundation

Beyond the PoS difference, Stratis brings significant additions to the established and time-tested Bitcoin framework. Making their project stand out on its own, away from Bitcoin, are improvements such as smart contracts, customization-ready side chains, and a self-certifying school for programmers to learn how to create projects on the Stratis platform.

The creators of Stratis call it a BaaS Platform or a Blockchain as a Service Platform, because of the varying use case applications when compared to other projects in the crypto-sphere. Plainly stated, Stratis offers more practical uses than its predecessor, Bitcoin, and has a more easily adaptable (programming) language to build on than the other most common comparison, Ethereum.

The Stratis platform is the base through which developers can build token projects using C# on the .Net framework. Utilizing the world’s most widely taught programming language, C#, means that a more robust selection of tools and projects will spring into existence at regular intervals.

Stratis Based Projects To Check Out

The Stratis buzz got louder when the team began to announce their first ICO project partners, including Gluon and Beyond Global Trading.

GLUON, which will be the first ICO to launch from the Stratis platform, is a project focused on improving the automobile industry. Interestingly, the Gluon team announced this as their second attempt to raise funds for their project. On the official Gluon website, they explain in the FAQ that the reason the first ICO was unsuccessful was because the Ethereum chain was where they had originally launched. However, due to various performance-related issues, they decided that the Ethereum blockchain was not the right fit for their needs.

Beyond Global Trading is the second ICO to announce a launch from the Stratis Blockchain Platform, and it aims to improve the way people trade, globally.  The promises made by Beyond Global Trading (or BGT) include multi-national business relations, product creation policing and monitoring supply and manufacturing chains, from beginning to end, to help reduce abuse and counterfeit operations.

Get Some Stratis In Your Knowledge Base

Much earlier than the promised time frame by nearly 6 months, the team released nStratis Development Framework (SDF), which enables blockchain development in the widely understood and used C#, and other languages supported by the .NET framework. This release greatly accelerates the potential for development that will add to the open-source, cross-platform blockchain applications, even on Microsoft’s .Net framework.  Before diving into the Github of it all, it is highly recommended that you check out the Whitepaper here. 

This all looks promising indeed, and at CORE, we are interested in hearing about your personal experience with this product, in comments below. Tell us what you think of this seemingly useful project and it’s new ICO launch announcements.

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