STRATIS | Powerful and Flexible Blockchain Development Platform

Stratis Platform & ICO

The Stratis Platform managed to gather 725 Bitcoins during its ICO period so far. The ICO ends tonight at 10PM GMT. During this period 84 million Stratis coins (85.7% of the total supply) will be distributed to investors, and the remaining 14 million (14.3%) will be kept by the Stratis core team in order to develop the platform and pay for bounties, marketing, and partnerships. See ICO terms:

The Stratis platform shows promise in its features and potential use cases, which are directed at corporate use for financial applications. Stratis is a flexible Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) Platform that allows companies to easily create their private or public custom Blockchains.

The Stratis Platform will be built using C#, which is considered to be a safer language and it is widely used by highly skilled developers. The C# Stratis Bitcoin full node will be developed on top of the NBitcoin library which is being worked on by Nicolas Dorier since May 2014 and has 1,296 commits. The C# NStratis node has many advantages over Bitcoin’s C++, since NBitcoin was developed in C# and uses the .NET framework it will be easier to maintain and develop.

Private Blockchains & Fiat Gateways

Private Blockchains offer obvious advantages over public ones, such as Bitcoin, when developing applications since they can be customized to perform in the manner that best suits the application’s function.

Since Stratis’ protocol will be Proof of Stake, companies won’t need to have expensive mining hardware to run nodes for their Private Blockchains or for the Stratis Mainchain, which can also be accessed via lite client or API, making it possible to participate in block validation (Staking) in any device (Browsers, Desktops and Mobiles).

Stratis is also being built to support fiat gateways for private blockchains that will allow fiat tokens to be easily transferred on the blockchain and across the globe without exposing financial organizations to the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies.

Custom Blockchain Deployment

Stratis, the native value token in the Stratum Platform, will be required in order to create and fuel a private or public blockchain, which can be customized in most every way in order to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Block time, size and rewards can be set as variables. Transactions can be public or private as well as the access to the blockchain itself. Permitted transaction types can also be set by the deployer, which is only required to go through a fast “one click process”.

Developers will be able to combine features from multiple block chains like Ethereum, Lisk or Waves between themselves, as well as with Stratis’ own Mainchain. Companies will be allowed to test these provisioned blockchains individually in order to see which might fit their needs best.

Consultancy Agency

Stratis will also act as a London-based consultancy service that will advise businesses on which features or blockchain specifications should be implemented and how to do so. Stratis is currently U.K based, but may be extended internationally if there is a need or demand for it.