SUBAJ Blockchain Network | Increasing Customer Retention, Acquisition and Loyalty

Shopping trends and customer preferences have evolved over the years, but something that has persisted is the constant struggle of the purchasing power required to possess any product. With time, a majority of merchants have come up with several reward programs to enthrall new customers and maintain the loyalty of existing ones. However, a major pitfall is that over 70% of customers don’t utilize their reward points, courtesy to the lack of a common platform for the redemption of such awards.

At the same time, it is a laborious task for merchants as well because it continually requires them to be on their toes and devise new schemes to attract customers for surviving the cut-throat competition. Moreover, there is no platform for communication with the customers. Consequently, offering significant discounts to retain customers has not produced fruitful results. A complete solution to these problems is the existence of a decentralized platform for global commerce, established between merchants and their customers. This platform will further provide a robust communication channel to connect with potential and existing customers for their demands.

SUBAJ Global Network seeks to resolve this retail conundrum by providing such a platform to transform the shopping experience of customers. By issuing digital tokens to customers and retailers, the customers can accumulate various business tokens and exchange them for the ones that they want irrespective of the merchants’ niche and location. The SGN network will also empower businesses and merchants to increase their engagement exponentially and radically transform their communication schemes.

SGN will be the first multi-commerce infrastructure platform designed specially to suit the needs of merchants, businesses, retailers, and companies all in one ecosystem. It will do so by issuing cryptocurrencies to a mass consumer audience backed by their own token. Preference-driven discount coupons, loyalty points, and gift rewards will be tokenized and geo-dropped to the customers on the global SUBAJ network.

SUBAJ Blockchain Platform

A powerful feature of the SUBAJ blockchain platform is that individual business tokens can be freely traded for SBJ. Customers can even exchange their SBJ tokens and sell them for fiat currency. The breakthrough for every stakeholder is the novel idea of enabling conversion of incentive points into real money. Customers will be able to utilize their different incentive points fully.

With the merchants now relieved of the exorbitant costs used up in paid promotions, advertisements and marketing of their products, they will have additional resources to connect with potential customers in their zone and keep them informed about various offers and discounts.

By analyzing customer preferences, the merchants will further be equipped to target different groups of customers effectively. With such a diverse range of benefits for customers and merchants, SGN is bringing a revolution in the retail landscape. Thus, it simultaneously builds a stronger connection between merchants and customers by facilitating greater customer retention and loyalty.

For more information, visit their website. You can also read the whitepaper here.

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