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Interview | Sunny Singh Launches VAN HAWKE SPORTS – A New Dawn In Crypto Advertising

I recently spoke to Sunny Singh, CEO of VAN HAWKE SPORTS, regarding his new venture, which bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and the sports marketing industry. A brief look at Sunny’s LinkedIn profile will tell you that he has considerable experience working in the marketing field, particularly in the area of foreign exchange services. And now more recently, in the cryptocurrency sector.

Many in crypto industry are of the view that to be a successful ICO advisor, you need years and years of experience in that area. However, a closer examination reveals that ICOs are basically a form of crowdfunding. Therefore, any fintech advisor with the right experience in the inner workings of traditional financial markets would be able to apply that knowledge and concepts learned from that line of work to cryptocurrencies as well.

Sunny Singh shares my belief, that cryptocurrencies are moving toward becoming a legitimate medium of exchange. Not only that, but they appear to be well on their way to becoming a sought-after asset class. At this point, those who argue that digital currencies will replace fiat are not being realistic considering that crypto related technology is in its very primitive stages. Despite being in its infancy, there’s already a supportive ecosystem developing around the world’s relatively small crypto economy. And, this is something Sunny Singh looks forward to contributing towards with his new company, VAN HAWKE SPORTS.

When questioned as to the services offered from the new company, Sunny Singh commented:

“VAN HAWKE SPORTS is a full service sports marketing agency which assists brands operating in the Cryptocurrency sector to enhance their marketing efforts via sports sponsorship opportunities, brand ambassadors and activation events.”

Having worked in the forex trading and investment world for well over a decade, Sunny Singh focuses on the bottom line: return of investment (ROI). Some people are of the view that profitable ventures and excellent services are not always mutually inclusive. However, that’s a flawed argument because a profitable business model always puts emphasis on the quality of services being offered as well. Should the services fail to satisfy the consumers, then they will also fail to attract investments. It’s that simple, actually.

In addition to working with the institutional business-to-business (B2B) model during the course of his professional career, Sunny Singh has considerable experience in negotiating contracts based on sound knowledge of the FX market, and more recently the cryptocurrency market. He says that cryptocurrency becomes more “fascinating” when it’s coupled with sports sponsorship. That’s quite true, actually, when you consider that sports teams and games have a high level of entertainment value and when you add something new onto that, such as blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, it makes it even more enjoyable to learn and sort of “incorporate” cryptos into your daily life.

Sunny’s line of work requires creating and raising brand awareness for cryptocurrency and blockchain firms on a global scale. With the rising number of inquiries from clients about crypto, traditional businesses have begun adding them to their business model. Notably, LMAX Exchange, where Sunny Singh previously worked,  has helped clients trade $10 trillion cumulatively in fiat currency since 2010. Recently, the London based exchange added a regulated digital exchange to meet high demand from institutional customers wanting to buy and sell cryptos in a safe manner. Custodian services, which had been largely absent from the digital currency market, are reportedly now being offered by not only LMAX Exchange but various other traditional forex trading platforms. 

Sunny acknowledges that the current crypto market  is extremely competitive for brands wanting to stand out, as it is already rather saturated with numerous kinds of platforms and services promising to offer just about every imaginable real world use, by leveraging cryptographically secure blockchains or their own crypto token. However, he strongly feels that all brands operating within this space can benefit from the services offered by VAN HAWKE SPORTS to ensure that they are identifiable and distinguishable from their peers.

By utilizing sports sponsorship, a very large percentage of the world’s population can be exposed to a crypto or blockchain brand – Sunny Singh notes. Just the way Facebook would expose literally billions of people to cryptocurrencies should the company decide to accept cryptos as payment or even create their own, as they’ve hinted, the opportunity to expose so many people to a product is already there for legitimate cryptocurrency platforms looking to market their brands to the billions of people who watch soccer.

A few easy numbers, mentioned by Sunny Singh, are there are over 4.5 billion people who watch soccer in over 200 countries. Even a single soccer game can attract on average 80 million viewers. Formula 1 racing has viewership levels of roughly 1.4 billion. E-Sports also has hundreds of millions of viewers. These are all quick stats the experienced forex and crypto trading professional pointed out. So, it’s not rocket science really that if a cryptocurrency or blockchain business can market their brand by partnering with billion dollar sports organizations, then their platform will be exposed to literally billions of people.

As a newcomer, it might be too early to assess where exactly VAN HAWKE Sports fits, however, more than likely it has a promising future ahead. That’s because all clients are carefully vetted in order to prevent frauds/scams. This is imperative because not only Sunny’s and the agency’s reputation would be at stake, but also that of the huge sports organizations should they decide to let a questionable cryptocurrency business be promoted through association with them. We look forward to future correspondence with Sunny Singh and it was our pleasure to interview him today. Here, we leave you with his LinkedIn profile:

Sunny Singh – CEO, VAN HAWKE SPORTS & Guinness World Record Holder

Sunny Singh is the CEO and founder of VAN HAWKE SPORTS, the world’s first sports marketing agency that assists brands operating in the FX and Cryptocurrency sectors. VAN HAWKE SPORTS leverages proven industry knowledge and expertise to increase brand presence via sports sponsorships, brand ambassadors and client activation initiatives.

Before establishing VAN HAWKE SPORTS, Sunny held several senior marketing positions within the Foreign Exchange (FX) industry for firms including, LMAX Exchange, Hantec Markets and ODL Securities. In addition, Sunny has consulted for a number of startups operating in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain communities, generating successful route to market strategies.

Sunny is also a Guinness World Record Holder, having taken part in the ‘Most Northerly Rugby Match’ alongside other business leaders and Rugby professionals.

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