SuperNET Asset Migrates To Komodo and First Revenue Sharing Dividend Announced

The Komodo team has recently announced that the SuperNET assets sitting on the NXT blockchain will now be migrated to the Komodo blockchain. The announcement comes as great news for the longtime serving veterans of Komodo as the assets have been lying idle on the NXT blockchain for quite some time. 

JL777, lead developer for the Komodo Platform, stated,

“It is time, finally to start the asset migration from NXT. The following are the KMD asset chains that correspond to NXT assets:

SuperNET, NXTprivacy, InstantDEX, NXTcoinsco, sharkfund0, crypto777, jl777hodl, pangea, privatebet and MGW.

The above 10 will be swapped to the corresponding KMD asset chains. In order to redeem, transfer the asset to the SuperNET account NXT-MRBN-8DFH-PFMK-A4DBM with a permanent message that has the KMD format address they want the asset chain coins sent to. The transfers will be processed prior to any dividends that are sent out, which means if you don’t transfer before the payout date, you will miss out on that payout. However, I cannot promise any specific date for the conversion, only that if you do the above asset transfer before payouts, you won’t miss any payouts.”

The migration will complete the separation from the NXT blockchain, a process which began well before NXT moved resources towards their new project, ARDOR. After the ARDOR announcement, NXT has been steadily declining in value relative to other projects due to the lack of support for the blockchain. Because of this, the decentralized exchange on the NXT blockchain has very little volume apart from ARDOR and SuperNET assets. The migration to the Komodo platform was inevitable.

The asset transfers will be only available until March 1st, 2018; a small time period due to the lack of support for the NXT blockchain. It is strongly advised to swap before the due by date as there is no assurance any assets left on the NXT blockchain will hold any value at all.

SuperNETx2 holders will receive 1 SuperNET asset as well as 1 REVS asset. Furthermore, the assets that back NXTventure will be distributed to all NXT venture holders.

Also announced was the very first revenue sharing dividend which is scheduled for December. The first payout will move through crypto777; a total of 50 BTC. 12 BTC will move through the superNET asset.

All of the superNET assets above are claims to future revenue for particular parts of the Komodo eco-system. Komodo has many projects lined up, including a decentralized atomic swap exchange named BarterDEX, a mixer named Jumblr and decentralized poker named Pangea Poker to name a few. All of this technology will gain revenue and as a result of holding that asset, holders receive dividends. The main asset is named “superNET”; an asset that embodies a little bit of all Komodo products future revenues. While all the components of superNET may confuse the average user, the superNET asset is a one-stop shop that covers the whole platform. If, however, the present reader wishes to find information on these assets, all the information is available on the NXT forums (keeping in mind this information may be old) and the superNET website.

Additional good news in the Komodo camp, on top of hasty progress on the BarterDEX and preparations for the first dICO (Monaize), Komodo has just been added to the new South Korean exchange UPbit. Currently, there is a KMD/BTC market which is currently trading, as well as an upcoming fiat pair for the South Korean Won. This news is significant because the South Korean market is debatably the biggest in the world at the current moment.