SuperNET Development Update 10/01/2017

After a successful ICO, the Komodo team is now getting ready to start the distribution of KMD coins to investors and bounty hunters. While the distribution process should be pretty straight forward, the development team is now waiting for the final pieces to come into place. The second stage of the ICO, the BitcoinDark swap was delayed to ensure that it would be as intuitive as possible. The swap is currently taking place. Users can now exchange their BTCD for KMD and they will have one year to do so, starting from the 8th of January. Users can participate by clicking “Swap” in the upper left of the ICO dashboard.

Once BitcoinDark is sent to the Komodo ICO Plaform, it will be automatically swapped for KMD and will no longer be available to withdraw as BTCD. Participants in the swap campaign will automatically take part in the snapshot for REVS asset, a revenue sharing asset that will receive the revenues that were previously promised to BTCD investors. The exact BTCD snapshot block will be announced later, but it will be taken during January 15th.

The development of the features that make Komodo a unique blockchain platform is complete and the team is currently working on finishing the GUI wallet to allow anonymous transactions.

“The Komodo has reached a point of feature complete and in the validation stage. With the dPoW, assetchains, PAX and DEX features it is quite a list to complete, but I am optimistic it will be achieved before the end of elections.” Said Jl777, lead developer

The delayed Proof of Work protocol is finished and working, and elections for the notary node selection are currently underway. Every member of the Komodo Platform should take a moment to consider the candidates and vote for the ones they believe to best fit the position of notary node, which is a crucial role in the Komodo ecosystem. Click here to view the candidates by region and here to see a world map of the candidates. By having separate elections in each region, Komodo has ensured that the system remains decentralised with nodes spread out throughout the world.

Assetschains are also fully functional. These will allow users to send/receive/exchange fiat currencies through the blockchain with the same privacy and security features that Komodo has. These currencies will be easily exchanged through a future GUI release called PAX (Pegged Asset Exchange).

The development team has been working on an easy cross-platform installer made with electron, called Iguana, which contains two separate GUI projects: The Iguana multi wallet and the EasyDEX exchange. While the multi wallet isn’t fully finished, EasyDEX currently supports T (transparent) transactions. Z (Anonymous) transactions are currently being worked on and will most likely be finished before Iguana is released.

“The app is currently in internal testing, and we are looking to publish it before KMD distribution. No hard release date yet.”

The schedule:

  1. ICO Site BTCD deposit enabled 08/01/2017
  2. Subsidy field gets locked for candidates 13/01 3pm UTC
  3. BTCD Snapshot 15/01
  4. Elections begin 15/01 3pm UTC
  5. Elections finish 29/01 3pm UTC
  6. KMD distribution 31/01 3pm UTC

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