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Huntington, NYC (Crypto Press Release) June 20th, 2017 – SuperNET, an organization dedicated to constructing programs and decentralized technologies, will show up at the Blockshow 2017 seminar in Munich to shed some light on technologies and the tools which have been released so far and the team is now working on that. The three day event offers a chance for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, businesses, entrepreneurs to get a better comprehension of its own effect on the planet and alike to investigate blockchain technology.

The team is going to be there to showcase the many tools, features, and functionalities of what’s been referred to as the “SuperNet armory”.

All the aforementioned innovations to be showcased in the event create the pathway for complete autonomy from the standard fiat marketplace as well as third party services by supplying peer to peer trading, accessibility to fiat pegged privacy tools, tokens and much more. In addition they supply tools and services which can be leveraged by blockchain programmers and by typical users as a method to supply added attributes on their platforms.

SuperNet’s tumultuous options might be worth investigating should you believe in a really decentralized future. If you’re attending be certain to keep a look out for the team’s envoy, which consisted of of the most recent member of the SuperNet organization, Alice and event speaker, ca333; Polycryptopblog, marketing manager; and security specialist and also the SuperNet display!


SuperNET is a collaborative community of their development teams as well as participating cryptocurrencies, alongside advanced coders, networking pros, social-media commercial development and specialists and third party service providers. They focus on open source development of programs and decentralized technologies.

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The BlockShow Europe 2017 is a three-day event arranged by CoinTelegraph. Make first steps in reaching your Blockchain and even the occasion will give an entire spectrum of opportunities to intensely investigate Blockchain -associated goals.

Deloitte, CyberFund, Cointed, Humaniq, Blockchain Consulting and Ventue Scanner sponsors the event.

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